Apple today released a new security update for OS X

10 just days after the public App Store second security update for OS X since 2015 company Apple has released a new update, which is extremely important for all users. Update Security 2015-003 strengthens security systems OS X 10.10.2 by removing errors from Portcheiul iCloud and another which allow applications to execute arbitrary code on the compromised computers. Given that these errors could result in the theft of personal data from computers, corrections are very important for users and is due in security researchers from NowSecure si Google Project Zero.

Not spectacular, company Apple recommend all users Mac to carry the latest security update on their computers. Before downloading this update, You should know that it is intended only for MacOS X Yosemite 10.10.2 and it is available in two versions - one for MacURLs launched earlier this year and another for all others.

Security Update 2015-003 It can be done by everyone accessing App Store> Updates and clicking the Update button next to them or by accessing links the web pages of Apple where you can download them, depending on Macthe one you own.

Security Update 2015-002 published by Apple earlier this month included fixes that eliminated the vulnerability. "FREAKWhich leaves many of Mac-hate vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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