Apple will launch a line of ultraportable Macbooks dedicated to working from home (Remote Work)

All computers Poppy si MacBook are currently equipped with processors Intel. What many Mac users don't know is that these processors were not the first to be present on a Mac. They appeared on the Mac about 15 years ago and have replaced it PowerPC processors. These processors emerged in the pioneering phase of PC hardware technology, out of the need to build a reliable, solid and flexible architecture for operating systems. PowerPC appeared in 1991 and was created by the alliance Apple, IBM si Motorola (AIM).

It is rumored more and more lately, as at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple will announce the switch from processors Intel la ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) for MacBook laptops. These are the same processors that are present on iPhone si iPad.
It may sound a little strange to have a MacBook with an iPhone or iPad processor, but nowadays many smartphones (not only iPhone) are equipped with much more powerful processors than many laptops on the market. The A13 chip on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone SE, is much more powerful than the Intel Core processors present in many laptops on store shelves.
As a more accurate comparison, an A12 chip on the iPad Pro is more powerful than a decent Intel Core i5.
Would not be Apple the first company to do this. Samsung and Microsoft have been using smartphone processors for laptops for some time.

Switching from Intel processors to ARM on the MacBook, it won't be easy. A real challenge will be the design of new applications for the new ARM architecture. In other words, the applications currently available for the MacBook will not be compatible with the new hardware architecture with ARM. Developers will need to redesign applications, and this process will require time and financial resources.
The macOS operating system will no longer be compatible either, but for the new generation of MacBook ARM, it is very possible to meet a modified iOS. As was the case with the iPadOS operating system.
Apple considers that the first MacBook models with ARM processors will be built in the second half of 2021, and the first available applications will be the basic ones developed by Apple. Suite iWork, programs video editing si audio.

The new generation of MacBooks with ARM processors will be designed for people who need sporty mobility and will be ideal for those who need to work both at home (Remote Work) and from the office. The new architecture will allow the construction of a new generation of Ultraportable MacBook and longer battery life.

Apple does not take into account (at least for now) that ARM processors are also present on the MacBook Pro. These devices will remain on Intel for many years to come. They need high processing power, video card compatibility and high frequency RAM.

Apple will launch a line of ultraportable Macbooks dedicated to working from home (Remote Work)

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