ASUS launches in Romania, the new range of systems-in-2 1 Transformer Book Chi

In January of this year, ASUS announced enriching its famous game Transformer Book with three new systems-in-2 1 motorized platform WindowsAnd they have now reached Romania. Building on previous favorable conducted T100That was one of the most popular tablets Windows with the keyboard, ASUS created new Transformer Book Chi inch screens of 12,5, 10,1 8,9 inch inch, but this time the company targets a market segment more demanding.


The tablet Transformer Book Chi T300 It is the largest member of the new range ASUSIt actually managed to combine the best advantages and a tablet with those of a Ultrabook because it offers a larger screen sizes and display a Intel Core M. 12,5 inch screen uses an IPS panel full coverage sRGB and it has resolution 2560 1440 pixels x. The Intel Core M (available in versions 5Y10 and 5Y71) uses a passive cooling system. Technical specs list also includes 8 GB of RAM, a storage unit SSD with a capacity of 128 GB MicroSD slot, HDMI video output 1.4, a Micro USB port 3.0, a Micro USB port 2.0Interfaces 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0A battery that promises a range eight hours and a front camera sensor 2 MP. Although it is a system-in-2 1 with detachable keyboardTherefore heavier and bulkier because magnetic docking system and space scattered, Transformer Book Chi T300 It is impressive when we look at the physical parameters.

The metal case has a weight of 720 g and a thickness of 7,6 mm, while the whole assembly with the Bluetooth keyboard is thick 16,5 mm and weighs 1,42 kg. Unfortunately, like other Intel Core M processor systems, the price is somewhat high: about 3800 lei. Another unpleasant aspect is losing some extras that you knew from the two previous releases T300, ie USB keyboard and extra battery that can power the tablet.

Asus Tranformer-book-chi-t300-3-1

Transformer Book Chi T100 is a slightly more compact and less powerful version of the T300, trying to provide optimum comfort while working, but also better portability. This system offers a 10,1 inch diagonal display, 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution and an IPS panel with similar imaging parameters. Transformer Book Chi T100 uses a Bay Trail Atom processor generation, Namely a Intel atom Z3775And soecificatii list includes 32, 64 or 128 GB of internal memory eMMC, 2 GB of RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, HDMI video output, Micro USB portBluetooth 4.0 and two cameras with sensors 5 or 2 MP.

Transformer Book Chi T100 is the only member of the family who will optionally offer a data modem, but implementation is very strange. Instead of being placed directly in the tablet, LT modemIt is implemented in Bluetooth keyboard and will use 4.0 for data transmission, which means that this accessory becomes indispensable, whether you use it or not, want to benefit from the freedom offered by the network operator.


The tablet boasts eastit's the thinnest model Windows with 10,1 screen "Those 7,2 millimeters probably an explanation for strange data modem implementation. The tablet weighs 570 grams (without taking into account the keyboard). Docked in the keyboard, Transformer Boot T100 Chi kilogram weighs 1 and 13,2 millimeters thick.

Finally, the youngest is Tranformer Book T90 Chi. It provides a hardware configuration similar to that of the T100 Chi, but are limited options for internal memory and the 32 64 GB and there is an HDMI port. The screen has a diagonal of 8,9 "x 1280 800 resolution pixels and uses an IPS panel similar to that mentioned in previous models. T90 Transformer Book Chi is also the cheapest of the range, Causing substitution cost savings are secured with magnets and tires with one little unconvincing and uncertain, based on simple pressure.

Transformer Book Chi T90 has 7,9 cm thick, is one of the thinnest tablets Windows cu Screen 8,9 "And the weight is only 400 grams. The entire assembly weighs grams 750 and 16,5 millimeters thick. ASUS Transformer Book Chi T300 available in Romania at a price of about 3800 leiWhile models T100 Chi and Chi T90 will be available soon at prices that will start at 2350or 1650 lei.

ASUS launches in Romania, the new range of systems-in-2 1 Transformer Book Chi

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