Beware of misleading and promotions of Evomag BLACK FRIDAY

Like any internet user who sometimes do and Online ShoppingBefore placing an order, follow all more online shops owning the product. Of course we look at the first time product price and discount. compare pricesame product (product with the same specs!) On all online stores.
Post in the fall many buyers, especially aroundBLACK FRIDAYIt is "SALES". What could be more appealing to a buyer than a reduction of several hundred lei or a percentage -25% of the normal price of the product? Well as ...THE CORRECT PRICE of the reduced product. In approaching day feverBlack FridaySome online stores are keeping everything in a holiday discountsWhere are displayed prices and discounts "bomb". The bomb literally. If EvomagBomb cuts is so great that they are Black Friday a monthand prices obtained from cuts and X discounts are Higher than normal prices, Displayed by other online stores, something more serious.

Let us show you a small "case study" on a SAME PRODUCTfound in allEvomag, eMAG si Altex.

Let's say we want to buy a iPhone 5SLaunched by Apple September 2013And whose price is somewhat stable. There is a product launched recently that we expect large variations in price.
We iPhone 5S and follow specifacatiile be identical: 16GB storage capacityOn colorSpace Gray. Storage capacity and sometimes colorAre sigurele elements that bring variations in the price of iPhone. We exclude all mobile phone providers where price is given and a subscription.

OFFERS Altex, eMAG and Evomag for APPLE iPhone 5S 16GB, 4 "8MP, Wi-Fi, Space Gray on November 15 2016


The price is1399,90 LEIReduced by LEI from 300 1699,90 LEI.

iphone 5s-Altex

1399,90 LEIIt is reasonably priced, but reducing 300 LEI can not be counted. It shows a reduction from1699,90 LEIBut this price is no longer valid for a long time. A reduction of 300 lei would have been reasonable if it was made from current sale price.
So the iPhone 5s Altex can buy at the right price, but there is a reduced price, as displays offer on site.


The price is1399,90 LEI and point. Without another discount or promotion.



The price is1429,00 LEIreduced with 25% de la 1899,00 Le LEI.


The conclusion is that "the largest reduction"Has Evomag. On Evomag "save" 470 lei the price displayed inial offer Black Friday, but I pay with 30 lei more than the eMAG where there is no discount on this product, and Altex than on where they show a reduction of 300 lei.
So the Evomag have the opportunity to buy a product with low 25%, whose low price is higher than the standard price displayed on other online stores. I repeat that the product is identical compared with the three online stores offer warranty 24-month warranty for individuals and free.

Besides this "reduction" Evomag one serves them as pretty potentiae customers. Products are displayed in a really low price, are…"sold out". No one can tell us that those products have been sold at a reduced price Evomag ever. ANAF or ANPC can only make us light.

I noticed this Price difference, Aiming to purchase a iPad Mini 4. PDisplaying Evomag low of youth is higher than other online storesAnd those with "stock" prices are lower than those which are in stock. With a higher price, of course.

Watch carefully screenshot below:


Even if there is a color difference, the difference between the product in our stock (iPad Mini 4, 4G, 16GB, Silver) And of those no longer in stockIt is immense. This "offer" to be complete, the product numbered with me "4"It is the same pattern with the first three, but with a storage capacity of 64GB. Storage capacityMakes the difference in price, but is a little problem. The price is at No. 4 64 GB (sold out), It is lower than the discounted version of 16GB, Car is the "stock supplier".

Later Edit:

Here I found the Silver version, iPad Mini 4 / 4G / 64 GB. The price for 64GB version is smaller than the one who is "in stock supplier" of 16GB.

ipad mini-4-silver-stock-Out

£ 2324,29 - IPad Mini 4 / Silver, 4G, 64GBsold out
£ 2499,00 - Reduced by 17% from 2999,00 Lei, iPad Mini 4 / Silver, 4G, 16GBStock supplier.

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This is not an article written in order to defame the image Evomag. It is a simple article, "stiudiu case" made by a buyer of Evomag, manager StealthSettings.comIn order to educate website users, who want to make purchases from online shops.
Screenshots from Evomag, eMAG and Altex, published in this article were made on Tuesday November 15 2016, and changes to these images have changed and / or obstructed by anything prices and offers online stores. They are preserved original course and screenshots.
Any appeal from Evomag or another online store that felt offended by this article shall be sent by e-mail: contact [at]

Beware of misleading and promotions of Evomag BLACK FRIDAY

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  • So it is clear that (almost) everywhere, if not chaste eyes burn the better you get tired. Same as the one presented here I met some site`uri clothing and footwear.
    Unfortunately, many see few good, I feel that this word "reduction" hypnotizes them and some do not know what.
    The warning is good, hopefully read it as many.

    All the best.

    PS Excellent items, greeting cards and as many.

    • Eh .. Evomag is just one example. That's what caught your eye because I really was interested in a product of their offer. Other stores practice schedule another "nice". Increase prices a week, two before ... to have where to fall :)

  • Well all Blackk Fraieriday sites so far have passed same forever concept that practice Us: DISCOUNT FROM ADVERTISEMENT AND MORE !!!!!
    It's just a campaign promise, discounts hallucinatory horror discounts and other discounts scare, but no longer manages to fool than the few. Increasingly fewer Botu longer be made to the "cuts". From my point of view BF is nonsense and a mockery: intoxicate you with advertisements that you dizzy madness prices. Simply mockery find fro ... More cite a greater reduction true, but you gotta have luck to May and miss. And many chew nails, angry just never clicked or not so forgotten what order, and order exactly what she did not want. Simply beat the game.
    To remember what country such facts happen?!

  • :)) Even as Black Fraieriday return with a concrete example and checked me.
    Almost exactly a month BF`ul why I bought a iphone 16GB SE priced at 1.999 lei, like others, neither did I trust in blackfriday at least not to us.
    He came blackfriday :) curious man by nature like I said, he now has to see what price the phone, although I knew that Apple products they do not really enjoy massive discounts.
    I go online and start searching for the lowest offers for the same model of phone and surprise after an hour of looking for the cheapest I found for a price of 2.145 lei.
    I do not say it's very expensive compared to how much I got, but my knowledge reduction applies if no extra minus, but, do we teach romanu "Bisnis" :)

    To hear only good things.

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