How can we disable informational pop-ups from Windows Explorer

Informational pop-ups in Windows Explorer are those pop-ups that appear every time we hold the mouse cursor over a folder or file in a folder. Most of the time users Windows ignore these pop-ups, considering that the information provided is quite brief and without any specific relevance (so default type… are displayed Read More

How can we import photos from iPhone in Windows 8.1

If you are using iPhone or iPad, the easiest way to copy / import photos taken with your iOS device to a computer with Windows 8 / 8.1 (and not only) is via iTunes. In some situations, however, such as the one in which you want to import photos from iPhonea friend or member… Read More

How can we disable the Cortana Search field from Taskbar in Windows 10

Among the innovations introduced by Microsoft in the latest Preview version of the operating system Windows 10 there is also the Cortana Search field, available on the left side of Taskbar(immediately after the Start button). uSERS Windows 10 can use this Search field to interact with the new personal assistant offered by Microsoft (integrated in… Read More

How can we delete all restore points created in Windows without disabling System Restore

If you are running out of space on your computer with Windows, a good idea would be to delete from the restore points created in order to restore the system to a certain previous state of it. Also, if you have installed new applications or made certain system settings that you want to Read More

How can we delete, move or rename files locked in Windows

Sometimes, when we try to delete, move or rename a file or folder in Windows, an error message is displayed warning us that the action cannot be completed because the file is already open in another program or is blocked by a process running in the background. In such cases,… Read More

How can we extract files from corrupted RAR archives

Sometimes, when we try to extract the contents of a RAR archive, we may receive an error message that warns us that the archive is corrupt (or defective) and the extraction process is interrupted. Usually in such situations, if the defective archive is downloaded from the internet, we give it up and try to download it… Read More

How can we display This PC in mod default when open File Explorer in Windows 10

In contrast to the Windows 7 or Windows 8, File Exploreracquis in Windows 10 has as a Quick Access startup page, where users can view a list of the most accessed folders in the system and recently opened applications or files. If instead of Quick Access you would prefer that File Explorer what is Read More

How to activate transparency in the Start menu from Windows 10 Preview

Among the major changes made by Microsoft to the system Windows with the launch Windows 8 also included giving up the Start menu in favor of the Start Screen and the Aero Glass feature (transparency). But as these changes have attracted mostly negative reviews from users, Microsoft has reintroduced the Start Menu in Windows 10, and if it is… Read More

How can we completely disable the Auto-correct function on a device iPhone

If you are using iPhone (or an iOS device) and you have the auto-correct function activated on it, most likely you have had (at least) a few times like If you are tired of the autocorrect keep correcting your words incorrectly, you can solve this problem quite simply, completely disabling this… Read More