Now you can download Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview!

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In March of this year, Microsoft announced that the Office 2016 suite of applications is available for testing in the business environment, the company trying to get the impressions of important customers before the launch in the second half of this year. Here, after a month and a half, Office 2016 Preview is available… Read More

Edge, the future Microsoft browser

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Originally unveiled earlier this year, the future Microsoft browser, hitherto known as Project Spartan, has caught the public's attention because it promises a much optimized experience compared to the old and hated Internet Explorer. During the BUILD 2015 event, Microsoft finally announced the product name, its logo and some additional information. With all … Read More

Find out the latest details about Apple iPad Pro

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The first rumors about the large iPad Pro tablet appeared a year and a half ago, but this product Apple He still hasn't honored us with his presence. According to recent unofficial information, the tablet is starting to take shape, confirming in a way the new information that claims that it will be launched this fall. According to a Read More

Redstone, his descendant Windows 10, will be launched in 2016

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Windows 10 it didn't even end well in a final version on the market and we are already hearing speculations about the next major version of the operating system from Microsoft. Although we do not have specific details about what will be different in the new version, we have a name, inspired by the recent acquisition of Microsoft. Redstone Read More

Dryft, the iOS keyboard with unconventional design, has moved into the portfolio Apple

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Recently, Apple acquired Dryft, a startup with experience in virtual keyboard applications, bringing Randy Marsden - one of Swype's co-founders - to lead the team responsible for developing the official iOS keyboard. The American company confirmed the transaction concluded in secret towards the end of last year, without revealing the exact details. ... Read More

Popcorn Time app is available on iOS without jailbreak

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Popcorn Time has become a fairly popular computer application lately, offering access to the latest series and movies for free. Its use is not exactly legal, because it uses pirated content through torrent protocols, but that does not stop its developers from launching… Read More

How can you insert emoticons in the WhatsApp application a iPhoneyour

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To wake up suddenly as you enter WhatsApp, start a conversation and… where are the emoticons? Tragedy!!! I think I stayed a few good days until I found out how I can introduce emoticons in WhatsApp conversations. The procedure is very simple. Here's what to do: - Open the phone screen Apple and access function Settings; - Get in … Read More

A9 chip, the most powerful processor Apple, manufactured by Samsung

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Confirming older rumors, sources with links in the technology industry confirm the award of a very profitable contract, through which Samsung becomes the only supplier of chipsets Apple A9, produced at the Giheung factory in South Korea and in the facilities of the Globalfoundries partner. Apparently, pride and rivalry displayed in public have nothing to do with relationships… Read More

How to disable Facebook application specific sounds

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One of Facebook's somewhat uninspired recent decisions has been to introduce sounds into the main application for iPhone and iPad. Starting with version 24.0 of the application, Facebook plays short tones every time you interact with some elements. Unfortunately, this happens by default. A large number of users Read More

Surface 3, a new Microsoft tablet with operating system Windows 8.1

surface 3 tablets

Late last week, rumors said that Microsoft will launch an affordable Surface tablet soon. This was one of those information that comes true soon, Microsoft announcing today Surface 3, a cheaper and more compact version of the top model Surface Pro 3. At first glance, Microsoft Surface 3… Read More