Automatic Profile Switching to Microsoft Edge / Sync Bookmarks, Passwords, Credit Card Date & Edge Collections

Microsoft Edge has gained more and more ground recently on operating systems Windows 10. Helped perhaps by the pandemic that keeps more and more people more dependent than ever on computers, but also on features and performance, Microsoft has managed to "steal" land from Google Chrome.

One of the most interesting and useful features of Microsoft Edge, it is possible to add more personal profiles for data synchronization in the browser. Basically, if at a PCs have access to more people, everyone can save and synchronize your web browsing data in your own account. This way, after completing the activity on the PC, the next person will not have access to bookmark, saved passwords, bank cards and other browser data of the previous user.
It is a highly recommended option for data confidentiality on family computers, where more people have access. Helpful for keeping bookamrks, favorites, history and preferential settings organized in the cloud. Connected profile account on Microsoft Edge installed on another device, all this data will be synchronized automatically.
So far nothing new. Several browsers offer the possibility to add profiles. Google Chrome, Opera si Firefox has long offered this option.

A completely new feature is Automatic Profile Switching , present on the latest version of Microsoft Edge. This option helps a lot the users who use the same computer both for work and for free time.
Let's take the scenario you have two profiles in Microsoft Edge. One commitment and one that you only use for service. When you are on your personal profile and you will want to open a link which you frequently use for your service, Microsoft Edge it will ask you if you don't want to automatically switch to the service profile. This way you will not confuse the links saved on each profile nor the data collections saved in Edge Collections.

Characteristic Automatic Profile Switching is currently only available on the version desktop to Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, but in the near future Microsoft intends to make this feature available on Android si iOS.

Another new feature of Microsoft Edge is adding the profile avatar in the taskbar icon (taskbar).

It is a good method of "targeting" when we have several profiles open at the same time Microsoft Edge.

If you do not find these features in Microsoft Edge pe Windows 10, make sure you have the latest version installed. Microsoft update Edge is done through Windows Update.


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