AVAST! 5 Beta - AntiVirus Download

About a week ago was released a new release a AVAST! 5.0 Beta -ANTIVIRUS.
This version is more of a "Technical Preview"Than a"beta“, Avast! 5.0 Beta being recommended only tests and for… accommodation with the new GUIWho underwent major changes compared to previous versions of Avast! Antivirus.

avast 5
p2p avast shield

Although currently the new version of Avast antivirus! (5.0 Beta) and it has many limitationsThe future looks bright for this antivirus software :-)

Users wishing to test Avast 5 Beta pe Windows 7, you must know that after installation, the alert system of  Windows 7 will report that no PC is installed on the PC antivirus software.

Download Avast! 5.0 - download link.

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