Western Union customer, Banca Transilvania plague and other banks

Over the years, Banca Transilvania, he knew how, let alone, keep himself up high enough marketing. A communication tool used by merchants since ancient times to create delusions for potential customers. We could not but remember after almost 10 years of the famous advertisement with "Zanul"And his"Six beautiful horses"

Zanul, a sympathetic guy, could still be seen from several points of view. Many were amused at him and the funny commercials, others, like me, wondered if they wanted to point out the "the broad neck"And what awaits you in the" behind the fence ". You know that ... "Outside it is painted the fence, inside the leopard". An excerpt that also brings out the best of what's going on when you pass the threshold of some Transilvania Bank agencies. You can hit it logina contradictionnonsens or one the very large discrepancy between what is said and what is actually.

On the hot service side, Banca Transilvania was in the first wave of banks in Romania, which introduced Apple Pay. A very cool service, allowing the owners to iPhone make payments at stores, gas stations, cinemas (or other POS contactless locations) directly from the Wallet app without the need for a card on them and, more importantly, no fees or hidden fees (apparently) as practiced at all banks across Romania. About how it works Apple Pay, how to add a card to your iPhone si how to make direct payments with the iPhone, I wrote here.
The past days, Banca Transilvania, has also launched BT Pay in application iMessage / Messages. Service that allows call si sending money directly through iPhone messaging. The condition is that the conversation partner has an account BTR and service BT Pay enabled / application installed on iPhone.

Unfortunately, these poor services are shaded at the threshold of agencies. My experiences with a few agencies of Trnasilvania Bank, are not the happiest.

Many of those who frequently use the service Western Union, they learned that most of the time "the Western application does not work","the application is blocked for a few days"- do not go over your head to come back to the counter - or hit one smile tamp and a categorically refuse al the counselor at the counterwhen he hears that you have to take out the currency (EUR, USD) through the service WU.

I do not know and I do not care if the banks have a win or not of the WU transactions or if the employee at the counter is punctuated for these operations. The fact is that almost every time a customer arrives at the counter and requests to raise an amount in foreign currency, the counselor tells him either that he does not have the required currency or urge him to do exchange the currency and give it the amount in LEI. Of course, at the exchange rate of the bank, which is not the most advantageous for the client.
Last month, for example, an agency from Bucharest - Margean, the counselor at the council refused to do my job, for the simple reason that I wanted the amount in foreign currency. Just as she was sent to me. I requested that if the amount does not exist in the agency (small amount), make a schedule and tell me when to come back. (Refusing in two lines to withdraw the amount changed in LEI, as the counselor had asked for me.) A short piece of advice from the counselor, then:We're sorry, but we can only give the currency to the bank's clients". After I said that I am a client of the bank and I confirmed that I have a card at Banca Transilvania, after asking me, they followed a string of words of inappropriateness, and one:Sorry, but we can only for internal transactions ... internal clients ...". !?!? # @?

She went on to do it feedback through the feedback system, to which I received quite a lot of response. A person apologized, accompanied by the assurance that the agency's intention was not to create misgivings.
I say "a person" because I do not know if the excuses came from a part-time employee who occasionally responds to some messages, or came from someone who represents Banca Transilvania. Although the signature of the lady or girl "OS" is very pompous: "Complaints Management Specialist - Contact Department Center & Customer Care", Little written in the basement, as the banks like A4, there is also a very interesting phrase:" Acinformation is addressed only to the recipient and may not express the views of Banca Transilvania. '.
That thing that I tend to think is so. The apology came from the person "OS" and not from BT. Following last month's remark, nothing has changed. The same BT agency, the same lady who holds his badge under his desk, refused to do the WU operation. This time for the reason that the application does not work. Asked if he had found a support, the answer was simple: "I will not announce it yet".
There have also been several "attempts"I still try if the application works", and: "please wait for your colleague". The colleague who says:if it does not go to you, it will not go to me either". Deh! That's it. Wherever I was told that the service is not working, I did not have anything to inform the customer. At least a simple A4 sheet to print: "The WU service does not work". What should a client do? Do not wait for good minutes to get to the counter or to ship at the counter over other clients and ask if the service works? Yeah.
I left the agency disgusted, just like last time.
This is not a patch encountered in all BT agencies or only at BT. Not. This is a kind of cult of each bank agency and / or of every counselor at the counter. At the above-mentioned agency, the WU service has often gone smoothly and the operations have been done properly.

Solutions like BT Pay or Apple Pay are in vain when you interact with such employees at the counter and when the direct interaction with a bank from us means most of the time: long waiting time, superficiality of counselors, callousness, obscure policies si aggressive sales, six beautiful horses placed behind the cart.

Western Union customer, Banca Transilvania plague and other banks

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