3 Best MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) Video Players for Mac OS X

Before I submit that are the best 3 video applications for playback of .MKV files pe Mac OS X, To make a brief presentation of these formats of media files.

MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) Represents a new concept multimedia files, launched for the first time by a Russian company in the 2002 year, being distributed free licensed open-source. By definition, a software or application "Open-source" has source code 'Sight', which can be taken over by other people who have the ability to modify and developAnd then distribute it further.

File Matroska (.mkv) is a package It can be stored together movie, ShowCEs of television, images, audio files si Subtitles. It was created with the purpose of providing a multiplatform, expandable and modern support for multimedia files.
Matroska (mkv) resembles in large part the other more known multimedia containers, REVIEWS, MP4 or ASFBut the difference is made by license open-source which allowed large-scale development project.

Matroska container formats

.mkv - file format used for files containing video, audio, and subtitles.
.MK3D - for video in 3D (stereotyped). These films can only be watched with 3D glasses
.MKA - format developed for files containing audio only.
.MKS - strictly dedicated to subtitles.

No computer, be it Windows PC or Mac OS X that should not have run at least once a MKV video file. Most movies for Blu-ray rendered in HD at high resolutions, are now "packaged" in .mkv file formats. For Mac OS X users who have the video player on hand QuickTime (launched and developed by Apple for own devices and operating systems), multimedia files in .mkv format are a problem. QuickTime does not recognize and cannot open these files, but they are applications excellent formats that give good quality and minimal resource consumption.

Best 3 .mkv video applications on Mac OS X

#1 VLC Media Player - VideoLAN

VLC is a first option when it comes to playing multimedia files, DVDs, CDs or streaming.pe OS X. It is an open-source application, totally free, it does not contain any programs malicious spyware or advertising. The VLC application has codecs for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3 without the need for the user to install anything auxiliary to video playback.
It offers a wide range of options for UI (GUI), subtitles, audio and video cotrol.
VLC is available for all operating systems Apple. OS X, iOS (IPhone, iPad) and Apple TV.

Download in English VLC Video Player (Mac OS X)

#2 SPlayerX - $ 0.99

Un video player cheap and extremely efficient. It has the ability to play all video formats mpg, mpeg, mpeg 2, vob, dat, mp4, m4v, ts, rm, rmvb, wmv, asf, mkv, avi, 3gp, 3g2, flv, mov, hxNUMX / x264 264p / 1080p HD, audio and Subtitles srt, ssa, ass, idx + sub, under, smi. Offers sound settings capabilities, sound equalization for professional audio systems,
Writing subtitles can be increased, Decreased, changed colors and font types.
application SPlayerX is optimized for OS X El Capitan, and the interface is modeled on the OS X Yosemite design for seamless UX integration between applications Apple available on OS X.

Download SPlayerX (via Mac App Store)

#3 MPlayerX $ 1.99

Although it has not been updated lately, MPlayerX remains one of the best video players operating system OS X. Provides support multi-touch (can control two finger video settings) for playback, the ability to set subtitles in all languages ​​at all font sizes and more other features of the scroll, screen capture and video speed.

Download MPlayerX (via App Store)

3 Best MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) Video Players for Mac OS X

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