BlackBerry Yahoo! Messenger - Service not enabled for this handheld

Many holders of smartphone-hate BlackBerry, Who have installed Yahoo! Messenger (Version sites dedicated device RIM) Complain login problems.
The most common error is: Service not enabled for this handhand.

Service not enabled for this handhand

This error appears no matter if IDCPC and password de Yahoo! Messenger correct or not. 'Service not enabled for this handheld"Is a permanent error that occurs when TOCPC not activated. BIS - BlackBerry Internet Service Internet service is provided by RIM () For all owners of devices via your mobile operator. Enabling this service to register handheldSite in the wireless network (BlackBerry Wireless Network) Involves some additional costs. A BlackBerry subscription signed with your operator mobile phone.

BlackBerry Internet Service

If you have a subscription Mobile Internet that allows web browsing, chatting connection sites, sending and receiving e-mails, not enough can connect to the BlackBerry Yahoo! Messenger.

Our advice is to look for alternative chat applications, compatible BlackBerry smartphones. One solution would be But soon will publish minimum 5 solutions / free applications that allow you to connect to most popular IM network.

BlackBerry Yahoo! Messenger - Service not enabled for this handheld

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