Blow Your Speakers - Woofer & Bass Test

A relatively small parcels now, but promises to grow rapidly. Of course, the collection of trackCEs (mp3) ""For those who want to test audio systems from pcATVs and machinery.

Atomic Dance Explosion Bass Test
SUBWOOFER TEST - Hardcore Bass (DJ Tiesto)
D-Bass Xplod - Car Stereo Test
Bass Mechanics - Woofer Excursion Test
Audio Test - Boston Acoustics Bass Test
Underground Bass Masters - UBM Subwoofer Test
Bass Test - Subwoofer Mix
Silicon Sound System - 360 Hz - 10 Hz
Dj Bass Alliance - Bass Woofer Sound Off Test
RDB - Rhythm Dhol Bass - Under Check
Full Spectrum Subwoofer
World's Deepest Bass
2 2 Fast Furious - Ultimade Woofer Test

... And listen quietly plants, will say it is very likely that some audio not resist (may burn) to low frequency sounds, such as the track no. 8 (Extreme Woofer Test Low) From the list of . So attention !!!. Listen at your own risk!

- Blow Your Speakers!

Blow Your Speakers - Woofer & Bass Test

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