Bootmgr is missing - Vista to Windows 7

Yesterday, a friend tried to install a Dell laptop cu Windows Vista pre-installed Windows 7 build 7100. I was there when he did the installation, but had to talk on the phone and explain what to do to install Windows 7. (Level of knowledge in the installation of Windows is quite small.) Had Windows Vista installed after you install Windows 7 from a bootable DVD.
He did a clean install, try avoiding upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Windows Vista files have been moved automatically by the installer BootmgrWindows 7 in folder windows.old. Everything was normal during installation until the last stage when he appeared error: Bootmgr is missing. As the last phase of the installation, there was no chance of entering the old operating system and the display had no option.
He repeated the wealthy, but no result. To complete installation of, Bootmgr is missing.

Solution: (On the phone)

him - What `i do? and install Windows Vista? and gave "Bootmgr is missing" ...
I: - Ppfff ... no ... You clicked on Shut Down button until the laptop turns off, then restart the system. Do not click on any button. Let him see what it does.
him (After a while) - mergeeee !!

Better. I did not understand much, and why the error occurred in his case. On Windows Vista, the error can be corrected with Installation CDBut on Windows 7, it looks like a simple cold restartIs enough. :)
If you know a real solution to this problem, please leave comments ;)

Bootmgr is missing - Vista to Windows 7

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