Burn a .BIN Without a .cue Using NERO

You've downloaded a . BIN file, But there was no . Cue Associated file and you still want to burn the . BIN file using Black .

Your options are:

1. Create yourself a *. CUE
2. Convert the. BIN to year . ISO
3. Or use Nero to burn without the. CUE file

Yes, that's possible, just follow these steps and you will be sorted. No need for. CUE files anymore.

Ok, here we go…

1. Start Nero
2. File -> Burn Image
3. Browse to the. BIN file you want to burn That and open it
4. A window saying “Foreign Image Settings”Will open
5. Check the settings.

- Type of image: leave it to Data Mode 1
- Select the Raw Data check box
* Will automatically change the block size from 2048 to 2352

- Leave Header Image and Image Trailer unchanged and set to 0
- Leave “Scrambled"And"Swapped”Check boxes unchecked

6. Click on burn!

7. Enjoy ;-)

Burn a .BIN Without a .cue Using NERO

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