Buzoianca - 100 euros / month

Known as the "pole stupidity" in Romania Caracal City I know it, but in Buzau there are some guys who want to bring here this reputation .

Dear Client,

We invite you to strengthen your market position by making Buzau will present the most visited portal of local interest BUZOIANCA.RO which is in continuous improvement and constant development of content popularity among the local community.

In the content portal BUZOIANCA.RO visitor can find useful information like user from faculties of Romania, television programs, dictionary in five languages ​​and daily time until the game Shoot PE Boscodeala, and PRO TV reported up to competition prize MILLION fOR smart or fashionable gallery of photos from this town or the lip 100 years ago. But that's not all ... we will let you convince yourself and also to relax by visiting BUZOIANCA.RO.

We mention that the cheapest way of advertising on our website is 100 euros a month.

Hoping for a special collaborations, expect your opinion

With consideration and friendship,


Costin Staicu

This is the message that I was sent to an old e-mail address used by me when working on a web design company in Buzau. So it is not spam. (Boys ... potato market is not collected). Good. Now let's see what it means for them local interest :
1. guide faculties in Romania
2. TV (Seen from Dacia Market)
3. Dictionary in five languages ​​(and two local ... right?)
4. Daily weather (5 minutes with updates to the lightning rod Communal Palace)
5. Shoot PE Boscodeala game, and PRO TV reported ('s Bold)

Buzoianca.ro a truly site pathetic Rent and hosted on MYX. Most links take you to some free subdomains (s logic. Myx offer only 10MB space and not PHP), where you can find real stupidity.

We mention that the cheapest way of advertising on our website is 100 euros a month.

The company is called Guerilla Marketing and have the slogan "Exceeds All". Exceeded any limit to stupidity with a certificate attached to the mail. :))

Buzoianca - 100 euros / month

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