Bye-bye Flock: Zynga curtain over The Social Web Browser

In early 2008, AOL resigned as may be announced cessation support Netscape, Recommending them to port users Flock or Firefox. 3 years and almost 2 months later, ie a few days ago, people from Zynga announced that will stop support for social browser Flock (Which I bought earlier this year) on April 26 2011. That is over a week.


Announcement on like this:

Support for Flock browsers Will Be Discontinued as of April 26th, 2011. We Would like to thank our loyal users around the world for Their support, and we Encourage the Flock community to migrate in the coming weeks to one of the recommended web browsers Listed Below.

Browsers to which users are directed to those who decided the fate of social browser are - obviously - browsers that were (and still are) in the Flock:

Since Will Be No Further updates provided security to keep you safe on the web, we all Flock users to upgrade Encourage to one of the two browsers Listed Below. Is based both on the same reliable technologies as Flock, and both is being actively maintained and improved. Also, each of the Following browsers has a broad selection of add-ons and extensions to customize and extend Their capabilities.

  • Mozilla Firefox (Motor Flock 2.x)
  • Chrome (Motor Flock 3)

Why ending story Flock? It seems that there was a "misunderstanding" with Mafia Wars And with FarmVille...

The Flock team joined Zynga in January, 2011 and is now working to assist Zynga in Achieving Their goal of building the most fun, social games available to anyone, anytime - on any platform.

For the curious, other details can here.

Please note: I do not know for how many users does it matter this ad, but for me it is very bad news, and that's because almost 3 years Flock was My default browser. Not excel in speed, not the wind even after I was giving me quick access to any social network I would have imagined, nor used it option to publish your blog directly from your browser. Instead I feel that I will miss a lot Feeds sidebarA feature that often is treated superficially by some browsers, or shows a sores mark microsoft time is needed for resuscitation of addons. Too bad.

Bye-bye Flock: Zynga curtain over The Social Web Browser

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