Bye, bye Yahoo! Mash Beta

After a year, I wrote about beta social networking project of Yahoo!, Mash. = In fact, the project was heavily guarded, accessible only by invitation. So well guarded that died still in beta phase, after-1 year of activity in silence.

Yahoo Mash Beta Closed - Shutdown

What did Mash represent for Yahoo !? It was an attempt to create a social network (such as hi5, orkut) able to compete with Facebook after Yahoo failed to fuse with Facebook, Mid last year.

Bye, bye Yahoo! Mash!

I feel that the next project will fail just like Mash, will be Yahoo! For messenger Windows Vista. The project has not yet emerged from beta and is far from complete (at least from what we have shown so far, those of Yahoo!). So be ready YM for Vista, Microsoft will launch Windows 7 (~ Blackcomb Vienna).

Bye, bye Yahoo! Mash Beta

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