Bypass Rapidshare Timer / Wait Time

RapidDowner is a execelnt tool for those who frequently use Rapidshare for download for free / upload files.
Turn, prevents known after a number / volume of downloads, Rapidshare will require a waiting time de 110 minutes. RapidDowner is designed to without having to wait this long to download files from Rapidshare.

rapidshare downloader

rapidshare downloader 1

The application contains a proxy grabber that will allow automatically change IPSite. Scans in some proxy list and check the IPs that can be used to Rapidshare download. All you have to do is add the download link on rapidshare, select the proxy list (see first picture) to press the Start button.

Download RapidDownerDownload & Install RapidShare Downloader.

Bypass Rapidshare Timer / Wait Time

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