Computer / laptop gets very hot and shuts down or Restart Gives - Causes and Remedy

overheating problem laptops and computers Traditional is typical warm periods of the year, when the temperature within the chamber or office in which we work, greatly increases. Naturally, a laptop or computer require an optimal climate, without heat too high and moderate humidity to be able to operate in normal parameters.
One of the main components of a computer is the processor. CPU. It needs constant cooling and efficiency over the period when the PC is open and in most cases cooling is done by the fans specific. cooler.

Causes and solve overheating processor (CPU) of a PC or laptop

The main cause is inability to cool the CPU fan. As the computer is more powerful and has a more powerful processor, The more it will need a cooling system more efficient. It also noted that when using graphics applications, video editing, games or other applications are running complex CPU becomes automatically requested and temperature increases.
In the rooms and offices ambient temperature increases and there is a aer conditionatWe can expect laptop or the computer to overheat and to give resets or to stop suddenly. Restart or Shut down due to sudden high heat a processor It is a protection for them not to fire.
level The maximum permissible temperature is set in the BIOS CPUAnd it differs from one system to another. Are systems that stop when the CPU temperature reaches 70 degrees CelsiusAnd other supports to 90-100 degrees Celsius.
To check the value of the temperature of the processor (CPU), there is a very effective specific program on all Windows operating systems since Windows XP up to Windows 10. Find download the program here.

If you encounter this problem of overheating CPU solution it is very simple.
If computers which allow the installation of suplimantare fans housingYou will need to upgrade to a cooler CPU FAN. It is mounted on the inside of the computer case into law Main cooler which is located above the chip.
The FAN CPU role is Cooling air to be taken and cooled again by the main cooler. An equally effective method is to cancel the summer aside from the housing side and headed in that direction a fan room.
Consider a Dust, by, lint and other impurities which can collect on the main fan or holes through which air enters the cabinet. They can reduce rotation speed and thus lead to overheating computer. For those who pet hair (Cats, dogs), is Recommended cleaning fans at 2-3 months. Especially during their moulting when the house gather much hair.
In the case of laptops, especially those aluminum solution is to use a Stand Fan more efficient.Cooler Stand.
Of course, in their case it is advisable to carefully clean the internal fan and vents through which air enters the cabinet.
If the devices Apple:MacBook, MacBook Pro si MacBook AirWhich have slits on the case, you should know that cooling will be done in the whole skeleton. So here you will need a highly effective stand-cooler. The fan inside the case of aluminum, pull the air entering from the keyboard.

Computer / laptop gets very hot and shuts down or Restart Gives - Causes and Remedy

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