When it will be released Windows 7 RC?

A few weeks ago I said that , Namely 10 April. Also circulated rumors such as version Release Candidate will be built 7048. Like I said, rumors. This is because, lately, is circulated as the RC will be released a bit later than first announced, namely somewhere last week of May 2009. The exact date is not known.

because Microsoft stubbornly do not any public currently, is assumed the RC version will be built 7061, Outstanding version of "factory" 5 days ago (March 11).

* The most recent build compiled is build 7061 on March 11, 2009

* Release candidate for Windows NEVER & FOR Windows 2008 Server R2 will be released to the public during the last week of May 2009

Obviously, nothing is safe.

These delays put the jar most users Windows 7 Beta, Who meanwhile test versions "escape" on torrents (Such test tanks we did with version built 7057For that but I did not find driversand performance disappointing, we recommend waiting Public Release - You will be and that - by Microsoft. Built 7000 runs superb), while some users, selected by Microsoft, will test since April, versions Escrow-build (Trial to identify bugSites)

* Internal RC-escrow builds of Windows 7 & Windows 2008 Server R2 will be delivered to select testers on the fourth week of April 2009

* An Escrow Build is a build WHERE development halts and developers & beta testers start testing the product for any show-stopper bugs. Microsoft always emphasizes this to testers to focus only on the regressions and confirmation of fixes When asking for feedback on Escrow builds.

It remains to be seen when exactly and Microsoft will decide to give a official responseMeanwhile expect release date to change again. : P

When it will be released Windows 7 RC?

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