Some tips for better search on Google

Groups of words or phrases accurate: Let's say we are looking for a content of yahoo messenger skins. Instead of typing just yahoo messenger skinsIn the Google search box, we will limit the results to only those that contain all three words linked. To achieve this, we put the words in quotation marks.

Example: "yahoo messenger skins"

Words excluded: Let's say we want to do a search for content, after the words Internet MarketingBut sleep to exclude from the search results, the term advertisement. To do this we must use a "-" in front of the word you want to exclude it from the results.

Example: "Internet marketing"-advertising

Tip: Similarly, the search results can be exluse and TLDs (domain endings. Eg. Ro,. Com, net, etc). For example, if we are to look Internet MarketingBut the results shown, be excluded pages. Ro,. Com and. Org, use: "Internet marketing." - Ro -. Com -. Org

Search Terms in a particular site: If a site has its own search system, we can use Google to search for terms within that site. This can be possible if you used search site address and key terms.

Example: “Public hubs” site:

Specific document types: If you want to find results in files of a certain type, you can use the command "filetype: "For example, we want to search for the words"yahoo messenger"PowerPoint presentations (. Ppt). To do this use the following search expression:

Example: Yahoo messenger filetype: .ppt

Alternative words and phrases: By default, when you do a search, Google will include all the conditions specified in the search. If you are looking for the words "internet marketing" but want alternative results and "online advertising", to do this you can use the operator OR.

Example:  "Internet marketing" OR "online advertising"

*Operator "OR" should be written in capital letters (Caps), to be understood by the search engine.

Search within a certain time: This function helps to find events and things that have petrcut a certain period of time. For example, we want data on seismic activity between 1900 and 2008. After cuvatul key, use the division operator range: 1900 .. 2008.

Example: 1900 earthquakes .. 2008

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Some tips for better search on Google

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