Looking pedophiles ...

Still looking ... anyone? :)

Yes! I found the play. After rubbed mint pe ("Romanian Mint Rubbing Association (RMRA)") I got the link to link to a site: . Anti-plictis/sictir interesting.

You guessed correctly 10 of 19 (% 52.6). Your grade: D

How to interpret your score:

Ideally you want a score that's right in the sweet spot: mid-to high 80s, low 90s. Anything lower than that means you should not be hiring baby sitters or Nannies. Anything higher means you're way too good at seeing child molesters, and you probably should not be hiring baby sitters or Nannies either.

mda. are quite a bit above average. ;-) You? : D

Looking pedophiles ...

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