What is csrss.exe?

Full name of Csrss.exe- is Server Runtime Server Computer Subsystems and it is process system essential for the operating systems Windows. It controls the functions of graphics and console Win32 (Win32 the window text is simple - can be used by programs that do not need to display images - from Windows API). Ending this process inevitably leads to appearance Blue Screenacquis.

On mobile devices, such as laptops or netbooks, depends directly Csrss.exe- power management (Implemented in sisitem option under Control Panel).

The csrss.exe location must always be (and only in!) C: /Windows/System32. If this location differ, certainly it is a trojan (Trojan.W32.Sober) Or virus () That allow hackers to log in remotely to your PC (s) of your and steal (or borrow ...: P) passwords or personal information about bank accounts. It is therefore recommended that a full system scan as soon as you notice anything unusual, such as Those two instances of this process running while.


  • if multiple instances of csrss.exe running at the same time, then only one single note that is legitimate!
  • most times, compared with illegitimate processes csrss.exe, the legitimate consuming% of CPU (graphic hardware acceleration)

What is csrss.exe?

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