What is it and how delete pagefile.sys (Swap File) in Windows 10

In the past we talked of this file system, within certain optimization tutorial andWindows performance improvement.

What is pagefile.sys and where to find this file

pagefile.sys is a file system developed by Microsoft for all Windows operating systems, including Windows 10. This file belongs to virtual memory (Virtual Memory) system.
Normally, when you launch an application or working in an application, the system will use RAM. Often it happens to be insufficient to open applications, and some of the volume is placed on RAM transferred to the hard disk form caching, file pagefile.sys. There is a rule that some applications to make a virtual cache components only when the RAM is loaded.
An example is graphics editing application, Adobe Photoshop. You've probably noticed that when you launch the application on Windows, it's a time with that one splash screen in which they load components.


Part of the Photoshop application components are placed and run from RAM, and the other part are made and executed the file pagefile.sys, in order to keep a space in RAM for other applications or operations that will require. It is true that RAM has an execution time much faster than pagefile.sys virtual memory on the hard disk (not really apply to SSDs, which have speed read / write high normal hard disk drives), but this helps enormously file system stability and application launch speed. For all I talked about Photoshop, do a little experiment. After opening the computer, launch Photoshop application. An open 2-3 minutes left after a close however. "Close". Reopen the application. You will notice that Photoshop application's launch time was reduced considerably and the application opens more quickly. This is due to file pagefile.sys, which kept stored on the hard application components.
You probably think that if you have enough RAM on your computer or laptop does not need this pagefile.sys, because anyway RAM is faster than virtual operating system and will not ever use this swap. In large part, it is false. Although RAM is faster, think that besides Photoshop, RAM consumes resources and other components of the operating system and open applications. When you minimize an application in the taskbar, most of her scenes are put in virtual memory. In its absence, RAM will remain permanently charged and as you we will open other applications, it is increasingly loaded. In the absence of swap memoryPrograms will begin to show errors, computer to "move" harder, and eventually will not be able to open applications. when RAM reaches 100%.
file pagefile.sys is usually found in the root partition of system, C: \ pagefile.sys and can handle a volume on your hard drive, from a few MB to several GB. Reach and 10-12GB in some situations.
By default, this is not visible if we access the C: partition. Windows Explorer is set to hold invisible system files, and to make them visible (not recommended), we go to Windows Explorer (a folder window or This PC)View">"Options">"Change Folder and Search Options"


In the tab "View" from "Folder Options", uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" and then click Yes to confirm. After you press "Yes" to confirm, all folders and files will become visible.


How can we limit or remove the file pagefile.sys not to occupy much space on your hard disk

Staff I do not recommend deleting and failure to use this fileBut if you are determined to no longer occupy much space on your hard (this would be about the only real reason why someone would delete), you should know that this file can not be deleted by the "Delete". Being a protected file of the Windows operating system, you do not have the required privileges manual deletion or modifcarii his, than in advanced settings of virtual memory.
The easiest way to reach virtual memory settings it is to This open PCClick on "System properties"In the top bar, then click the menu that opens to the left, click on"Advanced system settings". After clicking on "Advanced system settings" it opens "System Properties". Here we click on the button "Settings" from under "Performance"And opens"Performance Options"Where the bottom we have settings for"virtual memory". Click on "Change ...

2016-03-14 (13)

In "Virtual Memory" can uncheck automatic management of it "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives"And we can impose our own settings and rules.
We can choose which partition to make virtual memory cache, to be reached by the maximum size of this file (Custom size) or we can choose "No paging file". Ie disable virtual memory.

Our recommendation would be to let "System managed size". Windows 10 does this pretty well, and if you do not have enough space on your system partition, you can choose another host partition for pagefile.sys.

What is it and how delete pagefile.sys (Swap File) in Windows 10

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