What is thumbs.db, how to open and how it can be removed.

You have probably noticed that most of the folders in which pictures and a file makes its way more "deleted" (applies to those who set to see hidden files and folders). thumbs.db .

Thumbs.db in Windows XP


Thumbs.db in Windows 7


This file is a small database that contains a copy (a cache) Smaller images in the folder. Those images Thumbs.db are the ones you see when entering a folder with photos (if you have selected files to see the icons. thumbnail view).
If you accidentally delete pictures find a folder or file Thumbs.db and you want to know what contains Thumbnail Database Viewer can help you see what is hidden in this database.

view thumbnail database

All you have to do is download Thumbnail Database Viewer application, to run ThumbViewer.exe thumbs.db file and drag (drag & drop) into the right field application.


To visualize this file you must activate "Show hidden files and folders"(True Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7),


and to keep a copy of the thumbnail images in a folder you must take off / uncheck "Do not cache thumbnails"(Available for Windows XP).


Checking this option would keep more free disk space, but when you access a folder with several pictures will have to wait a while until you can see the icons. That would be the role of thumbs.db. Keeping a cache of icons (a thumbnail-sized) for fast preview.

users 7 and Windows Vista You can configure the settings thumbnail Local Group Policy Editor (Run "gpedit.msc"-> User Configuration -> administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer).

7 windows thumbnail settings

How can we delete all files from the computer thumbs.db.

We will introduce two simple ways you can delete these files Thumbs.db on your hard drive
The first method is using the Windows tool "disk Cleanup. "Right-click on a partition -> Properties -> Disk Cleanup -> tick Thumbnails & OK.

delete thumbs.db

The second method is to delete these files with the help of Thumbnail Database Cleaner. An application very easy to use and requires no installation.

db tumbnail cleaner


View & Delete Thumbs.db in Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7.


What is thumbs.db, how to open and how it can be removed.

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