What does 00thotkey.exe

General Information:

Author Toshiba Corp..
System process Da
Uses network Nu
background Da
Related hardware Da

00thotkey.exe (Toshiba Keyboard Helper) is a process / executable installed on computers brand Toshiba. It interacts with some hardware (keyboards) and provides additional support for them. In addition creates the possibility of access to keyboard settings and special keys (hotkeys).

00thotkey.exe not a vital process for your computer, but it is not recommended to disable or delete it especially because it could cause errors. It is also recommended to verify the location of the process to ensure that it is Trojan or spyware, They used to hide in different locations under names similar to the processes of the system.

If you encounter errors related to or resulting from this process, you should perform a full scan of the system.

What does 00thotkey.exe

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