What does it mean Canary Channel in Windows Insider Program

Before you see what it means Canary Channel in Windows Insider Program, let's make a brief introduction of the characteristics of the existing channels of accrualization for a long time Windows Update.

In 2023, it will be 9 years since Microsoft launched Windows Insider Program. The characteristic of Windows Update (Windows 10 si Windows 11) through which users have access to versions Windows in different stages of development, through several update channels beta.

Update channels Windows Insider Program

Starting this year, Microsoft provides users with four channels through which they can access development versions of Windows 10 si Windows 11, before the final versions are officially released to all users. These channels are structured according to the needs of the users and their skills. From technical users and application developers Windows and up to simple users who are curious and eager to test the future features of Windows before the official release.

Release Preview Channel

Versions of Windows, Release Preview are recommended for users of all kinds, who are eager to see in advance what bugs and errors have been fixed by Microsoft in future final versions of Windows. All through Release Preview Channel, users also have access to new utilities or features that will appear in the final version for the general public.

By Release Preview Channel updates are generally delivered Windows which do not cause problems with the functionality of the operating system and are also recommended for commercial consumers. Companies, institutions and other entities.

Beta Channel

The channel of Windows Update, Beta Channel it is recommended for those who want to test in advance several functionalities and changes that will be brought in the final version. This channel is generally designed to provide Microsoft with feedback on changes made after the stage of Dev Channel.

update Windows made by Beta Channel they are validated by Microsoft, but may contain bugs, driver conflicts or operating errors of some applications.

Beta Channel they are updates that are not recommended on computers used for productivity, because they can bring instability to the operating system.

Dev Channel

In Dev Channel it is not recommended to enroll Windows PC if the computer is used for work or school. Dev Channel is dedicated to enthusiasts who want to access the newest functionalities of Windows as they are developed by Microsoft.

It often happens that new ideas implemented in Windows on Dev Channel to create problems with the functionality of the operating system and not to be implemented in the final versions. Or let many months pass until the new features are introduced Dev Channel to be present in an update dedicated to the general public.

Starting this year, Microsoft introduced along with the three channels and Canary Channel in Windows Insider Program.

Canary Channel in Windows Insider Program
Canary Channel in Windows Insider Program

Canary Channel in Windows Insider Program

Canary Channel is dedicated to users Windows very technical, who want to preview the changes brought to the operating system, even from the development stage. It is a channel through which many test functionalities will be delivered, which are still in development, a fact that definitely leads to instability and major errors of the operating system functions.

By Canary Channel major changes are made to the kernel (nucel Windows) and new APIs. As in the Dev Channel, some novelties tested on Canary Channel they will never be implemented in a final version of Windows.

Enrollment in Canary Channel it is indicated only on computers that are not used for productivity and on which users are willing and ready to reinstall Windows 11 from scratch, any time. Moreover, there will be a rather limited documentation about the news and problems present on this channel.

Buildfor Canary Channel in Windows, start from 25000, while for what for Dev Channel they will start from 23000 and the 22000 series for Beta Channel.

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