What to choose from Office 365 si Office 2019 / Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

There is almost no user Windows which you have not used macwould one time one of the products Office but by Microsoft. Excel, for spreadsheets or Word, for editing documents, can be found on the computer of any student or employee in a corporation.
Part of the suite Office, beside Excel si Word, there are a number of applications dedicated to all your productivity. PowerPoint, Outlook (e-mail client), Publisher si Access, completes the application package Office, to which the services are added in some packages OneDrive si Skype.

Besides the possibility of use Office onlone, Microsoft offers to individuals users but also to small companies, two variants of Office. Office 365 si Office 2019

What is the difference between Office 365 si Office 2019

In essence, both variants of Office offers the same applications. both Office 365 and also Office 2019 makes available to users the applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher. Their main character, which makes them different, is the form of acquisition of the license. License with monthly or annual subscription for Office 365 si permanently purchased license for Office 2019.

As a simple user, at first sight I would say that it is better to give a sum of money once and to have a permanent license for Office 2019, than to pay a monthly or annual subscription for the license Office 365. However, there are two options huge differences, which tilts the balance a lot towards Office 365 in many scenarios. Let's first see prices for individuals and for small businesses of both variants Office.

Office 365 for home (home users) is available in the following variants: Office 365 Home si Office 365 Human Resources.

Office 365 Home the $ 99.99 / year or $ 9.99 / month. So the advantage would be that you have two free months if you purchase the license for one year. This is a good solution if you have more members in your family who use it Office. A single subscription can be used up to 6 members on multiple devices. Windows PC, Mac, tablets and Android phones, Windows or iOS. The package contains: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

Office 365 Human Resources, contains the same applications as the Home package, only for $ 69.99 / year or $ 6.99 / month, subscription can only be used by one user.

In both variants of Office 365 OneDrive services with 1 TB storage space and Skype are included.

Office 2019 - Office Home & Student 2019 yes Office Business 2019

Compared to Office 365, license for Office 2019 is bought only once and applications can be installed and used on a single computer. Its price differs depending on the applications included in the package. For Office Home and Students, costs $ 149.99 and includes applications Office: Word, Excel si PowerPoint, while for companies, the version Business also includes besides the three and Outlook. For $ 249.99.

None of the versions Office 2019 does not include OneDrive and Skype services.

If we are in a position to seize a license Office, first of all we have to consider which package benefits us the most and for how long we need to use the applications included in the package. For a student who would need Office only for a few months, a solution would be Office 365 with monthly subscription.
A user who intends to use Office in the long run, the problem is a little different. Office 365 would require a monthly subscription during Office 2019 can be paid only once. It must be borne in mind, however, that for Office 2019 the user will not receive a free upgrade to major future releases. For example, if a new version of is released in a year or two Office, the user will have to choose between staying with the old version and purchasing one license for the new product. Users of Office 365 they will receive free of charge all the updates of the applications in the package for the whole period of the subscription.
And assistance is very important. Office 2019 offers 6 months of assistance, while Office 365 has assistance throughout the subscription period.

An even better and free option is Office Online. The service can be accessed from anywhere through a web browser without the need to install any application. All you need is a free Microsoft account (an email address). You have free access from anywhere Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Yammer, from laptop, PC, tablet or phone.

*The prices presented in this article are those on the official Microsoft website at the time of writing.


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