What to know before doing an upgrade or change memory (RAM) to a notebook (laptop)

Because last week I made a RAM upgrade at a / Toshiba and I had some problems compatibility between memory, I think it would be interesting to know a few things before you buy a RAM for Laptop.
This article will be useful for users who wish to do so RAM upgrade (Memory already installed along with another one to come to supplement) and those who want to change RAM to laptop.

1. Before you think of a RAM upgrade, Make sure your laptop supports your desired upgrade to check that is the maximum supported RAM Search for your laptop exact model of the laptop pe manufacturer's website and check sheet more technical part his.
What I mean when I say "exact model of the laptop"... Some brands, Toshiba for example, in addition to the series model (eg Toshiba Satellite A300) Have also made another series. An example is the laptop that I am. Toshiba Satellite A300 1QE PSAGCE. To check how many GB of RAM support my laptop, go to the official website of support from Toshiba and see:

toshiba laptop memory

This applies to all models of laptops / notebooks. Acer, ASUS, DELL, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Sony and so on ... brands.

2. Make sure you free slot motherboard, for additional memory. If you RAM 2GB installed, there are two options. 1 GB x 2Which means you have two RAM modules and no free slot for memory expansion / upgrade, or 2 GB x 1Ie RAM and a pleasant one free slot available to install a new memory. The worst case is 1 GB x 2, because if you upgrade to 4 GB, you must give up both memories and to purchase a how 4 GB (Recommended) or 4 GB kit ( 2 GB x 2). Upgrade to 3 GB in this case, is more expensive than the former. Replace module with one of 1 2 GB GB.
Most notebook models have only two slots for memory. Slots can be found somewhere on the back of the laptop, under a flap. If the flap that allows access to memory, is caught with a screw (and something like this is the majority), and your laptop is under warranty, I suggest that you upgrade the RAM or physical verification slots to make the service or the shop where you purchased the product.
A check "soft" RAM modules and slots can be done with application RAMmon.

Download RAMmon x86 operating systems (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit)

{FileLink = 35}

* Compatible , si .

The archive above, there are two variants (32-bit and 64-bit). Install the version for your operating system. (To learn on how many bits is the operating system, See ). Install and run the application RAMMon. Memory modules or appear in two columns. If in "Module #1" or under "Module #2" nothing appears (ie memory information) when you install a single RAM.

3. Better. We have a free slot and our laptop Supports multiple memory than we have currently installed. So we do upgrade, we need a compatible memory with the existing (assuming there is original memoryCompatible with motherboard - motherboard), And for that you have to know all the information about the memory already installed. In this issue helps us all application RAMmon, above.
Should we consider these data to check compatibility:
type of RAM (Ex. DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR etc and what else. There are many types Emerging)
standard name si module name (Ex. DDR2-800 si PC2-6400In my case)
mode type (Ex. SO-DIMM).
latency module support or CAS/CL. (Eg CL5, CL6, CL4 ...)

Although in the case of laptops memory latency (Column Address Strobe (CAS) or CL) Is very important, so some manufacturers and online shops which Buy RAM for laptops, CL forget to specify in the product data sheet.
I tested to upgrade some modules above data were identical to the original memory (ie DDR2-800 / PC2-6400 / SODIMM), less the CL. Original memory has CL6And memories were tested by me CL5. As latency is lower, the more is better, but if a laptop installed two modules, each latent CL5 and one of CL6When such surprises can occur blue screen (BSOD) when the operating system requires that both memories to work in parallel. In my RAM happens when consumption was higher than 2 GB. Device Blue Screen with messages errorAnd your laptop automatically restart.
CL to see what RAM is installed on your PC or on your laptop checked against RAMmon lines: Supported CAS Latencies si Timings @ Max Frequency. If these are: 4 5 6 si 6-6-6-18Then CL is 6. Ie CL6. Seek to buy a compatible memory all parameters the one installed on your laptop

This is true for desktopSites. From what I understand, there are motherboards and controllers that supports different latent memories, but for stability and performance, it is shown that the latencies incurred to be identical.

This is how a case where both memory modules are compatible: (Module Samsung is the original and the Kingston is identical)

4. Once you have all the information about RAM your laptop will not only have to look best price for purchasing a RAM.
I looked at stores in town (province) and found memory to prices quite high (~ £ 200) , compared to prices offered by online stores. If you decide to make a order online (I recommend shopping online), you must keep in mind a few things (applies to all, not only for memory and PC accessories).

- Make sure that the website that you order belongs to a company / trust companies. Browse the online store reviews. Forums, blogs, etc. trusted sites. Recommend emag.ro si evomag.ro cu cash on delivery (Ie the shipment).
- Make sure you find the lowest price for your desired product In my case I had a surprise for proportions. 2 GB Kingston RAM configured raporul above shops in the city was between 195 - £ 200on eMAG ~ £ 170 (Currently £ 156), and Evomag : ~ £ 115.
It is specified that eMAG provides transport included the price of the product, and the Evomag (Where I and given command) I paid Price: 21 RON transport, but it was still a better price on Evomag. With ~ £ 35 less than eMAG and ~ £ 65 compared to prices in town.
Do not understand from this that eMAG has higher prices than Evomag. When you have to buy a product, you should follow all offers. And Evomag I found many products at higher prices than eMAG. Price differences appear depending on the product and not necessarily by store.
I can personally recommend both shops. To Evomag was first order and am very pleased. Good price si prompt delivery. About eMAG can say the same about other products. Even today I was delivered an order from eMAG. I waited a week delivery, but asked me the product was not in stock and I was immediately announced as I expected. Otherwise, the products in stock, eMAG site was flawless.

For additions This entry to, suggestions si questions, Please use the comments field.

How to find RAM type, compatibility between RAM and the best price for RAM.

What to know before doing an upgrade or change memory (RAM) to a notebook (laptop)

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