CEL.RO - Promotion online.

First, we must begin with . A site News from the IT, IT & C, very well done. Clean, easy-to-navigate design, updated almost daily and with impeccable quality. It is seen that he is working with people who are above the income from that site, focusing on the quality of information. It's strange though that they only have 2.500 visitors / week (source: traffic.ro). It's worth more. I have the site in the rss reader for over a year, and every time I entered blitztech.ro, I found something interesting. Especially their last post: Cel.ro or how to steal the Net (16-09-2008).

Who is cel.ro? The site belongs to the company About CORSAR SRL, And it seems to be one of the largest online shops IT & C (retailer onlithene) In Romania, after my calculations, exceeds 10.000 of visitors to date. They have a wide range of products. From networking and software, up to PC components si office. Recently, CEL.ro will to increase their "sphere of online activity"By establishing a" news portal "(stiri.cel.ro) IT, IT&C. It would be a great advantage for an online store to build an IT News blog. An IT news blog would have targetThe ideal visitor for an online IT store. Right, right? In addition, it is very easy to build and optimize (SEO). They… that's what cel.ro also thought about, but there are enough blogs that provide daily news in this field… and the most ok in the opinion of cel.ro, are even blitztech.ro.

Promotion Policy / SE optimization the cel.ro, Is very simple and cheap. Why pay two or three publishers to collect data, edit an article and give a "publish" on a blog? It Install a WordPress on a subdomain of cel.ro (stiri.cel.ro, was their choice), there is a graphic theme in plezneala, and rob's content IT news on the blogs. Nice, is not it? Blitztech.ro is just one example that could continue to Pcnews.ro, IT Portal, ROL.ro, Etc. This "promotional culture" has cel.ro, dating from 2006. At that time, copy content from other blogs. Gender: victorkapra.com. Meanwhile, they removed and they relaunched blog in force in the second half of February 2008, the editors of blitztech.ro work.

I invite you to read on, the article on blitztech.ro:

Trista promoting a policy online retailer with a tradition of 4 years in the field. Only this will be the key to success in Romania?

CEL.RO - Promotion online.

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