Ask receipt and find out if e-mail you sent was read. (MS Office Outlook)

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How do I know if the person I sent the email opened and read the message. #

The problem can hardly be settled in full with any particular program. uses an invisible .gif in the sent e-mail, and based on that .gif script, behind the system can provide IP data, time, and whenever the e-mail that we sent was opened. This method is not 100% effective. There are many e-mail clients and ISPs that block security for security reasons or ask the user if he wants downloading images.

Another option that can find out if e-mail has reached the recipient to read and whether it is valid only for e-mails sent from Outlook which received all the MS Outlook.

How to request a Receipt (Request a Delivery Receipt and Read a Request a Read Receipt) for emails sent from Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, and Microsoft Outlook 2010.

* The method is very similar in all three versions of Outlook. In our tutorial we will use Microsoft Outlook 2010.

1. Suppose we have a e-mail account set up in Outlook and we know how to send an email. click 'New E-mail"

2. In the compose message window, go to the Options tab and tick the boxes next to "Delivery receipt of Reqest"And"Request a Read Receipt"& Send.

request e-mail delivery and read

This is necessary but not sufficient to receive the second confirmation of your sent message

To reading receive confirmation e-mail si confirmation that it reached the addresseeIt is necessary that he use all Microsoft Outlook and confirm receipt and read the message.

send receipt

If the recipient did read receipt, you will be notified by e-mail.


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This tutorial was made 2010 Microsoft Outlook Office Professional Plus.

If we know other ways you can ask for confirmation of receipt and reading of e-mails sent, you can say in comments.

Ask receipt and find out if e-mail you sent was read. (MS Office Outlook)

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