Change Skins (Color Scheme) in Microsoft Office 2007

Most almost daily use Microsoft Office 2007But few know that in some parts (Microsoft Office Word 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007) Can change the skin. Apart from GUI default (Blue)Microsoft Office 2007 gives us two more schemes coluare. Black & Silver.
This is how some Microsoft Office components 2007, the color scheme Black.

Microsoft Office 2007 - Black

How do I change the color scheme (the skin) in Microsoft Office 2007.

First you should know that color scheme can not be changed in all components (eg.'s Skin can not change the MS Office Outlook 2007). Color scheme change in one component, for all other. Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 si Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 not support than the default skin.

Here are the steps that must be followed to change skins2007 the MS Office applications.

1. Open Microsoft Office Word 2003, we click on the button Start (Top left), then click on Word Options. The image below can help more ... :-)

MS Office Word 2007 - Options

2. In "People" will find "Color Scheme". Select the desired color scheme (Blue, Black or Silver) And click "OK". The new skin will be applied automatically to 2007 Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 2007.

Change Skins - MS Office Word

Increase in work! :)

Change skin (color scheme) in Microsoft Office 2007.

- Tested on Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 / Windows7.

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Change Skins (Color Scheme) in Microsoft Office 2007

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