Changes ...

Are green ! : D Anyway, just new blog background picture is green with promising signs / warning ($) ;-). After nearly four months of I decided to make a change of scenery (... and here). So far 2 days I used to blog a theme designed by which seemed quite ok. is a theme , Clean and simple, nice look. Provides easy navigation and is easy to customized visitor. I liked it and I like the theme, but as something new and more functional this way does not hurt.

Dehh .. If you make a good choice from start to blow hard and look a little back, if you do a bad time yet you stubbornly persist in stupidity (of violence, convenience, habit after a while) avoiding you to press " Esc ", the day when you are tired of everything and realize it's time for a change stop thinking about anything that was. Press ALT + F4 and in a split second everything disappears. Same forcibly prevents you look back. Look forward to an image that you like and that makes you feel ok. Background image ....

... On Desktop. A simple and clean candle in a pleasant setting eyes sits quietly on a rock surrounded by flowers, waiting to be lit as to be able to meet the mission.

Changes ...

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Passionate about everything that means gadgets and IT, I write with pleasure from 2006 and I like to discover with you new things about computers and operating systems macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.

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