ChatGPT vs Google Bard – Which is the best model of AI

Before a comparison between the two modeof natural language with artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT vs Google Bard, it is important to understand what each one is model separately. Where do you get it? ChatGPT the information and how it processes it to provide answers in a natural language. Which is modethe language behind Google Bard and which of the two modeartificial intelligence will help both simple users and companies the most.

Both Bard and ChatGPT there are two modethem of natural language, are based on artificial intelligence and are able to generate complex texts in a natural formulation, very close to the human one. However, there are very big differences between the two modethem. ChatGPT vs. Google Bard. From updating information sources to capabilities, both modethey have pluses and minuses.

What is a ChatGPT and what can it be used for?

ChatGPT is a model of AI language (Artificial Intelligence), based on a neural network architecture, which can be used to generate text. Modelul is developed by the company OpenAI, being officially launched on November 30, 2022.

The name "ChatGPT" is practically composed of the word "chat" and the acronym "GPT". That is, an interface through which the user can communicate (chat) with the families of modethe of artificial intelligence GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT it is trained on a huge amount of data and is able to produce coherent and natural texts in a variety of domains, without human intervention. The texts can contain information about almost anything the user wants to know. ChatGPT it has the ability to create compositions that contain benchmarks set by the user, to solve complex math, physics problems and even to understand and generate code in various programming languages. Therefore, ChatGPT is able to learn from modelinguistic ones, to recognize modethem and language structures, and to generate new texts based on these modele, without human intervention.

The data sets it is trained on ChatGPT they are updated periodically, but they are not "up to date". Until a month ago, for example, ChatGPT it did not offer any information about the operating system Windows 11. The data set it was trained on, the pre-launch date Windows 11.
At the moment, ChatGPT cannot provide information about events that occurred later than 2021.

Therefore, ChatGPT is considered a model strong of AI in the field of natural language processing (NLP).


A key feature in ChatGPT vs Google Bard, is the support API (Application Programming Interface). The true strength of ChatGPT does not sit in the chat service available on chatopenai.comBut in ChatGPT API.

By ChatGPT API, developers are offered the support to integrate the artificial intelligence offered by ChatGPT in web applications, applications for iOS, Android or PC.

The first large-scale integration of GPT took place recently, when Microsoft announced the launch Microsoft 365 Copilot. The feature by which the applications in the suite Microsoft 365 can perform complex tasks based on the user's text requirements. Thus, the capabilities Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and other Office applications, are exploited in a proportion of almost 100%, without the user being experienced.

The risks to which humanity is exposed together with ChatGPT

Less than three months after the official launch (November 30, 2022), ChatGPT it literally became a matter of concern for many people who work in a wide range of fields. The main fear is the loss of jobs, with the automation and implementation of GTP in more and more activities, which until yesterday were done with human resources.

In a recent report presented by economists, over 300 million jobs in the USA and Europe could disappear with the automation of many fields of activity. This amount represents 18% of all jobs worldwide, and the greatest effects will be felt in advanced economies.

Jobs that require physical effort, that take place outside and do not require the use of computers will not be affected. Constructions, interior design, agriculture, public utility services and similar.

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard

Bard is a chatbot developed by Google, which uses artificial intelligence to generate answers to users' questions. Before we see the differences ChatGPT vs Google Bard, let's see what this Google chatbot is based on.

What is Google Bard?

Google Bard is built on technology Modeof Linguistics for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) from Google. LaMDA was built on Transformer, Google's neural network architecture launched in 2017. The interesting part is that Google launched Transformer as open source, thus becoming the basis for other generative AI tools, incl modethe linguistic GPT-3 used in ChatGPT for the OpenAI.

Google Bard LaMDA
Google Bard LaMDA

Bard is trained around questions and answers that sound natural in conversation. Instead of just providing a list of answers, it provides context for the answers. It is also designed to help with follow-up questions

Daca ChatGPT is available in over 20 languages, Google Bard is only available in English, for US users. At the moment this tool with Google's artificial intelligence is in the experimental stage, but we expect that in the near future the service will be available in almost all countries where Google is present.

The differences between Google Bard and ChatGPT

At the moment, Bard cannot provide solutions to math, physics problems, cannot create very complex texts and cannot generate lines of code in answers, as it does ChatGPT. However, if you want up-to-date information, Google Bard can provide it.

Daca ChatGPT is trained on data sets that are months old, Google Bard has the most up-to-date information and can provide relevant answers to the current reality.

Regarding chat conversations, ChatGPT is far superior. It has the ability to remember the last 3.000 words of the discussion, so you can very easily bring back a previously discussed topic in the conversation. You can thus have the feeling that on the other side of the conversation is a human mind that offers you answers and you can have natural discussions.

The responses to user requirements are very different for the two modethem by AI. While ChatGPT is not able to provide up-to-date information, Google Bard is not programmed to provide answers and solutions, such as: math, physics, code problems.

"Bard can’t help you with coding just yet. Bard is still learning to code, and responses about code aren’t officially supported for now."

Another big difference is the API. If you intend to integrate Bard's artificial intelligence into your applications, it is still to be expected.

Ethics – Bard vs ChatGPT

In terms of ethics, OpenAI is far from this value. While Bard provides in the quoted answers, the source of the information, ChatGPT it uses all the existing data on the Internet, without saying exactly where it was collected. It is true that ChatGPT does not use quotes from web pages, but only learns from the information published on them, but much information is documented from certain authors.

ChatGPT not only provides answers to questions and solutions to problems, but also creates content. What you can't do with Google Bard is to create a composition or write a book from A to Z. With ChatGPT you can create very well developed compositions, you can "copy & paste" a math or physics problem, and it will solve it in a few seconds. With exact explanations of how he arrived at the final answer. But there is a small inconvenience ChatGPT. Like the language behind it ChatGPT it is based on the training of artificial intelligence, in the same way the human brain develops. Through training.

The development of the creativity of the human mind will be put to the test and will soon enter a dangerous era to say the least.


Google Bard, although it offers much fewer capabilities than ChatGPT, preserves the human factor and helps to develop creativity. It offers engaging answers to the user's questions and helps him learn new things through research, observation and asking questions.

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