Chrome 76 - An update needed for Google Chrome users

In a few days, exactly on July 30, Google will launch Chrome 76. Good news for users and a very bad news for many news websites that managed to detect when a user was using Incognito Mode and block it.

The most important feature of Chrome 76 will be to close the breach through websites could detect users in Incognito Mode. This was possible by checking FileSystem API from your Chrome browser. In incognito mode, the FileSystem API is disabled because during the navigation period the user leaves information on the websites accessed and not on the computer. Websites used a script to check the availability of the FileSystem API, and if it did not respond, the session was automatically detected as an incognito and the user's access was blocked.
With 76 Chrome on July 30, the FileSystem API behavior will be changed and websites will no longer be able to detect the incognito session. At least not by the method used so far.
Boston Globe. The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times are just a few of the giant news portals that no longer allow users to access Incognito Mode.

Chrome 76 is also a nuisance for news portals that have users with paid subscriptions (Paywalls). There are many news publications that offer a limited number of articles for free, and users will pay to view the content further. This limitation of the number of free articles per user is currently done by tracking cookies. Once in incognito mode, the website can no longer check the number of articles viewed by the user and can no longer limit it and invite you to pay a subscription.

Another important feature brought with Chrome 76 is block popup ads when leaving a website with the Escape key (ESC).

Many malicious websites use this technique to deliver ads or a new web page to users who want to leave their current website. Using a JavaScript code, when you press Escape, a new web page opens automatically in your browser. Google Chrome 76 will end this type of spam.
Firefox has already deployed a similar system to prevent a popup or new webpage from being opened by pressing the Escape key in the browser.

In addition to the two major changes above, Google Chrome 76 will improve security with regard to the possibility of malicious code execution in websites and will bring Dark Mode in web pages.

As for Adobe Flash Player, it will no longer run the content automatically, without the user's action, since December 2020 will no longer be compatible with Google Chrome. Beginning with 2021 and Adobe will cease support for Flash.

Chrome 76 - An update needed for Google Chrome users

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