Chrome OS Mode is now available in the Chrome browser for Windows 7

The browser version Google Chrome released operating system Windows 8, Google The basic version included Chrome OS operating systemKnown as the Chrome OS Mode. Accessing browser Chrome in Windows 8 module displays a bar at the bottom of the screen that acts similar to taskbar existing in Chrome OS and include a variety of Chrome applications that can be run directly in your browser.

In the latest version of the browser Chrome Canary released for Windows 7 (Chrome Canary is a dedicated version browser developers), Google experimentally added an option similar to Chrome OS ModeIt can be accessed by clicking on menu icon (Top right corner of your browser), then selecting Relaunch Chrome in Chrome OS mode.


In contrast to the Windows 8The launch Chrome OS Mode in Windows 7 still retains OS taskbarOver which is displayed Chrome OS taskbar which contains its own Start button and icons of Google applications, Such as the Chrome browser, gmail, Google Search, Google Docs si YouTube. Start Menu available in how Chrome OS Additional applications include an option for search which can be used to search for applications Chrome Web Store (To install certain applications in the store is required Log into Google).


Integration Chrome OS in browser Chrome Canary is available for your operating system Windows 7. To return to default mode of Chrome, Click the menu icon again and select Relaunch Chrome on the desktop.

Download Chrome Canary 39.0.2146.0.

Note: Canary version of Chrome can be installed and used in parallel with the stable version of it.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Chrome OS Mode in Chrome browser now available for Windows 7

Chrome OS Mode is now available in the Chrome browser for Windows 7

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