cisvc.exe (Microsoft Content Index Service)

cisvc.exe is an integrated process Microsoft in Windows OSAnd is designed to system monitor Indexing Service to avoid high consumption of resources by the latter (RAM si CPU). Also cisvc.exe monitors and other situations where the system is slowed due insufficient memory. However, sometimes while working, process itself can get to consume between 90% and 100% of system resourcesWhich leads to slow its operation. Some of the most important causes of this situation are:

1. cisvc.exe has monitored more services and programs running at the same time at a time, which can cause a reaction like the one described above (in the process consumes a lot of resources). Most of the times a simple restart can solve this problemBut sometimes it takes a few small tweakuri of the indexing service of Windowscommunity.

2. Sometimes during an intensive monitoring of system resources, cisvc.exe can prevent the use of certain devices attached to the system or some applications. For example, ciscv.exe is responsible mostly for error "device in use by Another Program"When we want to use CD-ROMSite. In this case the process uses more CPU and slow down the system considerably. The problem can be solved with the help of a restart or a few system tweaks.

3. It is already known that most malware borrow the name of system processes to go unnoticed by users. If this process most likely it is a keylogger spyware (This allows multiple connections with remoteMonitors the activity on infected PCs and sends information to third parties via ftp or e-mail) that running in the background trying to steal passwords, personal data, bank account information etc., using a lot of resources at this time. Therefore, if you notice that cisvc.exe process consuming CPU, which is the main cause system slowdown, this problem can be infected with spyware that. Also, if you try to delete or stop the process and it does not, is another sign that it is not real cisvc.exe and your PC is infected.

To solve the problem of slow operation due to the process cisvc.exe system, one solution would be disable the Indexing ServiceRecommended especially for those who do not use choice Windows Search all or only occasionally. Not recommended disabling or deleting cisvc.exe process as it protects the system in case of high resource consumption of applications and is a vital process for its correct operation.

If you suspect or cisvc.exe is a certainty that spyware working in the background, perform a thorough system scan with a good antivirus and use a program Key Logger Removal to get rid of it.

cisvc.exe (Microsoft Content Index Service)

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