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Clean Archives , is a Plugin de WordPress very ok, for those who want to read a blog head-to-tail, post by post or search for a post by title / exact date. I wanted to write earlier about this plugin, which I see installed on very few blogs, although it is a good supplement to the "Archives" block (by default) and makes it very easy for users to navigate to all blog posts. What does the plugin do? Generate and sort (by date) in a page, links to all titles of blog posts.
For example page Blog Archive , is created with this plugin. Cute, isn't it? :) Besides the fact that it is an "Archives" plugin, I am convinced that it is also a good one SEO plugin (Plugin / Search Engine Optimization), which successfully replaces the plugin "”. The list of links with job titles is generated in the form:

<a href=”https://stealthsettingscom / test antivirus.html " title = ”Test AntiVirus” > AntiVirus Test

for example. ;).

Clean Archives v2.1 Plugin - Download

Installation instructions - Readme.txt

Description & Credit:

Plugin Name: SRG Clean Archives
Plugin URI:
Description: A nice uniform way to display your archives.
version: 2.1
Author: Shawn Grimes

Clean Archives / WP Plugin

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