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Clean Archives , is a Plugin de WordPress very ok, who wants to read a blog head-tail, job by job or job search by title / date exactly. I wanted to write earlier about this plugin, you see very little installed on blogs, although a good supplement block "Archives" (by default) and greatly facilitates navigation users to all blog posts. What is plugin? Generate and sort (by date) in a page, links with all titles of blog posts.
For example page Blog Archive Is created with this plugin. Cute, no? :) Besides being a plugin "Archives" I am convinced that is a good SEO plugin (Plugin / Search Engine Optimization), Which successfully replaces the plugin '". List of links to job titles is generated in the form:

<a href = "" title = "Test AntiVirus" > AntiVirus Test </a>

for example. ;).

Clean Archives v2.1 Plugin - Download in English

Installation - Readme.txt

Description & Credit:

Plugin Name: SRG Clean Archives
Plugin URI:
Description: A nice uniform way to display your archives.
version: 2.1
Author: Shawn Grimes

Clean Archives / WP Plugin

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