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Commands in Demand It is one of the most complete Software-tool. This utility for Windows, It contains over 60 applications si system commandsIn a single interface. Will allow quick access to operating system applications WindowsIn settings NIC (Network) device settingsfixes may installed on the system, plus many other applications and system reports (Like memory RAM si CPU).

Applications errors.

Applications errors

The first branch of the Utility menu, Applications errors, Provides five optuini-utilities, of which at least three are very important.

1. Kill Non-Responding to Application - End and forced close an application that does not want to close. An example would be Moziila FirefoxWhich sometimes can not be closed. Internet browser not responding It is enough ... to open the application Commands in Demand and go to Applications errors (on the left) and click on Kill Non-Responding to Application.

2. The "Desktop Shortcut as above"will create on Desktop a shortcut called "Kill the Undisciplined NOW. "When you have an application"not responding... "Is enough to click on"Kill the Undisciplined NOW"And will close automatically, without having to wait. Sometimes it can take tens of minutes to close one application errors.

3. Kill a Running Process - Once acted this button will generate a currently running in the system, and gives you the option to kill (to finish) a PID namely.

Kill a running process

Simply select process name and press Kill Process. If you do not know well all the details about the process that you want to finish, we advise you to check this functionality Commands in Demand. For the health of your system :-)

4. Restart Windows Explorer - restarting the process Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) Is used when a folder or file can not be deleted. It happens sometimes want to delete something and be greeted by the message "Cannot delete the file. It is being used by another person or program"The solution is to restart Windows Explorer so you can delete the folder or file. Restarting the exporer.exe process will close all processes Windows Explorer. More specifically, it will close all open folders.

5. Open Task Manager - This button will deschde .

What I have presented so far is only a small part of application tools Commands in Demand.

Applications Visible Windows.

visible applications windows

Applications Visible Windows will provide you with four management commands for positioning open applications. You can minimize or maximize all windows and open applications with a single click. Minimize all windows applications & Restore Minimized Windows all. Screen Center the Active windows, will position the active window in the middle of the display. Everything under "Applications Visible Windows"you also have the opportunity to give transparency active window.


Windows clipboard

Clipboard will show the text you copied (copy) using cursoruluil, and if you press the Read the Clipboard Text, many will read the copied text. If you have copied a text with scratches and have colleagues in the office, it is best not to have the volume in the speakers given to the maximum :-) This tool uses an accessory integrated in all operating systems Windows. Windows NarratorThat will allow listening text selected. It is used especially for people with vision problemsOr for those who prefer to listen to text instead of reading it.



This branch gives you quick access to several commands Desktop. It will help quickly with one click, to hide or make visible all Emoticons on Desktop (Workspace), copy everything shortcutSites on Desktop in a folder (you can choose the destination folder), make a screenshot and start the default screensaver.



From this industry, you have quick access "Computer Device Manager"(Where are listed drivers for all Your PC) - Device Manager with Hidden Devices. The "Safely Remove a USB Drive"- or an external HDD. Open & Close your CD / DVD Drive - Is similar to 'Eject"For the CD / DVD.

Files and Folders.

files and folders

You can applications list installed on your system (Alphabetizer Application List) to open Command PromptSite into a specific folder (via this application there's no need to open cmd and navigate to the "name> cd Folder>"), Quick access to folders Users (Desktop, Favorites, My Documents) And system folders (Gen. Windows, System32 .. )


Graphics Converter

Under the "Graphics" you will find two toolSites that might help when you want to converts an image in formats . BMP, . JPG, . TIF, . GIF si . PNG (Convert Images of known formats)., And when you want to telltale code RGB si HEX of a color. Color Picker Sample is similar Site. Another useful tool for those who need to know exactly a color code / shades.



One of the most interesting features of Icons is "Extract Icons from files"Which allows you to extract icons from files .exe, . Dll si . ICL. In this way, you can save the smiley icon Yahoo! Messenger, Winamp or in any other application on your PC Also with this application can save all Emoticons Windowsin a single folder. Simply select the .dll extension and open the% fileSystemRoot% system32SHELL32.dll. SHELL32.dll contains all OS icons. Valid for Windows XP, Windows Vista si Windows 7.
Hide / Show your Desktop Icons - Hides and makes visible all the icons / files on DesktopYour CPC



Allows you to create a shortcut for a Web address, In a single click (Create a shortcut to year URL address), to search for specific information two search engines simultaneously (,, SE ... etc..) and write an email.

Memory and CPU.

memory and cpu

Memory and CPU is a monitor that gives report in real-time CPU's RAM and processor. Find out what is the total RAM installed, how much memory the application and what speed runs processor. Instant Memory Cleaning allows you to clear the memory with a single click, without needing another tool, like Memory Cleaner.

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Network TCP / IP

Create a Network TCP / IP Report, is similar to 'ipconfig / all", dat in Command Prompt. Displays the report about NICs si connections system.



The first three buttons: Open Command Prompt in a Folder, Open User`s System Folders si Open Common System Folder, I instalnit above, the Files and Folder. Button WinLogoKey gives you quick access to the Start Menu, System Propertie, Windows Explorer, Utility Manager, etc search system. :) General System refresh I do not know exactly what ... but I noticed that so refreshing about by all Windows ExplorerOpen sites.
System Quick Clean DrivesIs similar utilitaruluiincorporat of Microsoft on all systems Windows . It is recommended to use this tool to save open space on Hard Drive.



SystrayIs the upper right corner of the screen. There are shown cess, icons volume control, anti-virus, video cardEtc. and left open applications systray. Commands in Demand allows you to act button "volume"To hide / show time and minimize all windows applications and sites in systray.


windows taskbar

With this utility you can hide Windows Taskbar (Bottom bar where the Start Menu will be displayed and applications, windows open sites), you can be visible or ... transparent. Transparency taskbarcan be used even by operating system users Windows Vista si Windows 7 (AERO). In Windows 7 you can do taskbarmuch more transparent than the settings in the graphics theme (via Personalization).

Windows applications.

Windows applications

A collection of shortcuts to Windows accesories, System Tools si Hidden Applications. From this interface you can open the Calculator, Notepad, Paint, to System Monitor, registry Editor si System Restore Center.

All of interface Command in Demand, Easy access to control Panel and Recycle Bin.
The application is compatible operating systems Windows XP, Windows Sight yes Windows 7. users Windows Vista si Windows 7Need to run Commands in Demand with Administrator privileges.

Download in English: (via )

Commands in Demand 9.6.1
This application is 100% free, but you can donations by Vasilios Freeware.
Credit: Vasilios Freeware.

Commands in Demand - System Tool for Windows XP, Windows View & Windows 7.

Commands Tool for Windows - Commands in Demand

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