Yahoo! Inc. management. analyzes offer Microsoft

After the second day, it Microsoft made a formal offer de 44,6 billion dollars for acquisition of Yahoo! Inc. Microsoft's offer comes shortly after Yahoo announced dismissal of employees over 1.000 (from 14.500) In 2008 .

Press Release: Unsolicited Proposal From Microsoft

How is Yahoo! responding to Microsoft's Proposal?
The Yahoo! Board is Undertaking a deliberate review process. They're going to take time to Thoroughly evaluated in the context of the Proposal Yahoo! 's strategic plans. Will this include Evaluating all of the Company's strategic alternatives - Including Maintaining Yahoo! as an independent company. That process Will Take Some Time, But Will the Board ultimately Pursuit That it believes the option CAN best maximize value for our Shareholders.

How Long Will the Board's review process take?
A review process like this is fluid, and it CAN take quite a bit of time.

Will the Board seek proposals from any other companies?
The Board is going to evaluated all of Yahoo! 's strategic alternatives and the option Pursuit That CAN believes it best maximize value for our Shareholders.

What Would a deal like this mean for Yahoo! 's users, Advertisers, publishers, partners and people?
Yahoo! 's Board is going to evaluated all aspects of this Proposal Carefully and promptly in the context of the company's strategic alternatives and cried. So it Would not be APPROPRIATE to speculate about the potential benefits or challenges of the hill. But the review process that's underway Will not have any impact on our Efforts to deliver value to all of our users, Advertisers, publishers and partners - as well as new and exciting Opportunities to our Employees.

source: Yahoo! Inc. - Media Response

In my opinion : If Microsoft succeeds in buying Yahoo! Inc., in a few years Google Microsoft will break the advertising market . I know. It seems hard to believe but we'll see :)

Yahoo! Inc. management. analyzes offer Microsoft

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