Cristian Avigni - Trance Energy Set

Oh, you must play this Trance Energy set Brought by Cristian Avigni. From my point of view, Cristian Avigni is number 1 Italian Italian dj and no other CAN outplay HIS trance dj dj-ing skills and key. So, download and enjoy this stunning Trance Energy set, That is in my "Top 10 Best Trance Sets" ...
Hehe, have fun!

Track listing
01) Jon The Baptist - Angel
02) Kindervater - Promo
03) Jon The Baptist - Utopia
04) Logi Wan - Live In The Now
05) Pulser - My Religion
06) Veracocha - Carte Blanche
07) Serenade - Aura
08) Perani - Wanna Have A Good Time
09) Freedom - Feel Free
10) Sandler - Theme Song
11) DJ Dean - It's A Dream
12) Simon J. Bergher - The End Is Important
13) Spoke - You're Ready For Me?
14) Reezy & Beezy - Struggle For Pleasure
15) Project M-Traxx - Perspex
16) Derler & Klitzing - Lift Me Up

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Cristian Avigni - Trance Energy Set

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