How to find the serial number of a Mac / MacBook (Serial Number)?

Serial Number (SN) is a unique number assigned cation Mac, which distinguishes it from all others. CNP is a kind of people. Serial Number required us when we want to go with a Mac or service to guarantee we can be helpful if we were stolen MacBookCPC.

Serial Number It is automatically added to an account iCloud and registered by Apple's servers as soon as a new Mac was first opened and connected to an internet network.

Some methods to find Serial Number of a Mac or MacBook

The simplest way would be if your Mac is functional and can be started. Serial Number can be found in the menu "Apple"(Apple in the upper left corner)>"About This Mac"

In case your Mac does not start or stolenYou can to find the Serial Number on the original packaging. Somewhere on the box next to the text "Designed by Apple in California"You can find SN site.

If your Mac does not start and no original packaging (box) no longer have, the only way left to recover it directly from Apple's website. This requires you to have an account from Apple (Apple ID) Logged on Mac whose serial want to know.

How can we find the Serial Number of a Mac using Apple ID

1. Access the Apple account at:Apple ID website

2. After login go in the "Devices"And select the device to which you want to find information

If you bought your Mac from a store, Check your receipt and / or e-mail received at purchase. Serial Number is very likely to be reflected in the document / receipt acquisition.

How to find the serial number of a Mac / MacBook (Serial Number)?

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