What was on how many bits is a system? [32-bit & 64-bit]

" How do I know how many bits is the system? 32-bit? 64-bit? "

Initially I thought that such a "tutorial" can not be published because it is commonplace for many PC users. We need to be understanding and realize that there are many novice (as I was and we) do not know how to put on how many bits is a.

if you use Windows 7You can follow some very simple steps to find out on how many bits is the system you.

1. enter computer and somewhere in the top-left have a link / button "System Propertie".

7 Windows computer system properties

2. In "System properties "you will see a line where it says how many bits your operating system is. An operating system can be on 32-bit or 64-bit.

32 bit system

Another way to find out how many bits is the operating system:

show system properties

Click "Start" -> right click on "Compuer" -> click "Properties".

By the second method you can find out the properties of the operating systems Windows XP yes Windows Vista.

What was on how many bits is a system? [32-bit & 64-bit]

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