How combine / merge two Facebook pages into one [Merge Facebook Pages]

If you adiministratorul second Facebook pages (Facebook Pages) Where have similar interest (Eg two pages are written the same things), then you can too united / combine into one. Option "Merge Facebook Pages"Is only valid for Facebook pages that represent the same thing and have similar names.

Here are the steps you need to follow to check you in managing Facebook pages eligible to be merged:

1. Access the URL:

2. Enter account password Facebook si select Facebook pages from the dropdown menu you want to merge them into one. Merge Duplicate Pages.

Merge Duplicated Facebook Pages

Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages

3. If selected pages can be combined to show a confirmation button.

4. Choose the page you want to keep (which will include the page you want to disappear) Manufacturer likes of the two pages will be accumulated.

If the two pages you selected cannot be combined, the message "Pages Can not Be Merged". This means that the two pages do not have the same name and are not eligible to be merged into one. However, there is still a way to coalesce two pages. Contact the Facebook support, and if your offer is accepted the two pages can be merged.

How combine / merge two Facebook pages into one [Merge Facebook Pages]

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