How do we open attachments .P7S on Mail and what these files are

If you have to deal with auctions on SEAP with messages received on email from the bank, you certainly had tangents with the files .P7S. In principle, these files contain electronically signed documents or accompany other very important files.

The purpose of sending a message with P7S is that the message was sent can only be opened by the recipient, and its content to make no changes from the time of sending until delivery to the destination Inbox. These .P7S emails are encrypted using the cryptographic protocol Public-Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS).
Normally, you do not need to open a .P7S file when it accompanies a file .PDF Secure / encrypted. The program / email application it will do so automatically if you have logged in to the email account to which the message was sent. If the email application will not be able to describe the digital signature, then the .p7s file will be present as an attachment.

How can we open a message received by e-mail with encrypted electronic signature .P7S

You will have no chance to view a digitally signed .P7S message when you open your email in an internet browser. Chrome, Safari. Firefox, Internet Explorer. By default, messages signed with .P7S or documents accompanied by this file can be opened automatically from the e-mail application.

Applications that can open .P7S files

Windows PRAÇA - Microsoft Outlook and application Mail a Windows 10Mozilla Thunderbird si Postbox.
macOS / Mac - Apple Mail (application present by default pe macOS), Thunderbirt si Postbox.
Linux - Mozilla Thunderbird.

Using one of the above applications on your PC, you can open encrypted .P7S email messages.

Users who receive documents for SEAP and do not need a third party software to view .p7s and .p7m documents, it is recommended to use it shellSAFE Verify.
shellSELF Verify is an application capable of verifying signatures with RSA keys on 1024 or 2048 bits. The solution is developed by certSIGN and can be downloaded from the developer's website.

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