How mod_evasive disable a server hosting. (Apache Web Server)

Some Server administrators use mod_evasive to protect against attacks Hosting Servers it manages. Apache module, Mod_evasive is a good solution to rejects requestRepeated APIs coming in from one IP webserver in a very short period of time. It is good protection anti flood.
The worst is that sometimes mod_evasive becomes a problem when rate indexing in search engines for a site is very large. Request sites reptiles of bots indexing, especially Yahoo! SlurpThey are very often confused with attacks on webserver and inevitably mod_evasive robots will block access to the server and the default sites. From experience I can tell you that Yahoo really does flood. There were cases when Yahoo! used more than 1000 banda visitors.
Not only indexing robots can fall "victims" of this apache module, but also visitors who have one poor Internet connection (Due to prolonged's request, access will be blocked) or forming clicks on web pages in very small time intervals.

May 17 10:51:42 server mod_evasive [2185]: Blacklisting address 188.24. *. *: possible DoS attack.

Off mod_evasive on Apache / 2.2.9 (Unix).

1. First we need to log in as an administrator to the hosting server. Via SSH remote server or directly from the server console if we close.

2. We are going in where it is located . It is normally in "cd / etc / httpd / conf"And"cd / usr / local / apache / conf“. We don't start changing anything until we make a backup file) at httpd.conf.

3. open and edit httpd.conf. We are looking for the line: “AddModule mod_evasive.c”And we exchange it with "#AddModule mod_evasive.c“. "#" Placed in front of a command line, leads to its cancellation. In some cases, in httpd.conf instead of the line above we find "LoadModule evasive_module libexex / mod_evasive"Or"Include conf / mod_evasive20.conf“. We cancel these lines and to make sure that there is nothing left of mod_evasive in httpd.conf, we do a search for "evasive".

4. We remain in the “conf” folder and identify the mod_evasive20.conf or mod_evasive.conf file. We make a backup of this file and then delete its contents. An even simpler solution would be to rename the file from mod_evasive.conf in mod_evasive.conf.old.

edit httpd server conf

5. Restart Apache Web Server.

Send Mail Setup for mod_evasive actions via SSH (Putty) - link .

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