How to disable ads in applications on Windows Start Menu 10

Besides the many innovations of Update the 1511 al Windows 10, microsoft He has introduced "recommended applications" in Start Menu. A Microsoft attempt to encourage Windows 10 users to install apps from their own store in the Store. The benefits of this feature are not very obvious to users. We could even say it is an aggressive form of promoting applications and the Microsoft Store. If we also take into account the fact that only one click on a "recommended application" is installed automatically, and such ads appear Microsoft EdgeThen it is better to think how can disable this feature of Windows 10.

Disable Start Menu in Windows App Advertisements 10

1. open "Settings"And go to the Windows 10 customization options. "Personalization"

2. Deactivate "Occasionally show suggestions in Start"


After disabling this feature, recommended apps will not appear in the Start Menu and Microsoft Edge.

How to disable ads in applications on Windows Start Menu 10

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