How to Disable Dock, Menu Bar, and Folders / Finder on MacOS

Effects of transparency On the system MacOS Are beautiful and appealing, but often they distract us, and besides, anything Graphic effect / visual Consumes extra resources. Memory and CPU.
Is about Transparency sidebaracquis and toolbarFinder, a Dock si Menu bar. If on the Dock and Menu Bar, transparency does not bother us too much, when scrolling in a folder with many files, running them in transparency on the toolbar gets awkward.

Fortunately, we do not have to be MacOS experts if we want to disable this transparency effect.

How can we disable the transparency effect in the Finder, Dock, and Menu Bar on MacOS

We open “System Preferences"Then we go to"Accessibility".

In "Accessibility" check the option "Reduce Transparency".

Once this option is ticked, All transparency effects on macOS have been disabled.

All of the Accessibility settings have options Color reversal Or pass the display in black and white (I do not know why anyone would do these things) Contrast change ) We do not recommend), Turn off motion effects (When we close / open a folder or an application) and the possibility of enlarging the mouse cursor.

How to Disable Dock, Menu Bar, and Folders / Finder on MacOS

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