What should you do if your MacBook overheats?

For MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, The issue of overcashing it is smaller than classic laptops. However, there are quite a few situations in which it overheats MacBook, you must intervene.

design developed Apple on its laptops is provided with a cooling system Very silent but very efficient, even if in the architecture of a MacBook, the classic hot air exhaust slots are not found. Without exception, all of them modelele of MacBook are built with aluminum enclosure. Both the back cover and sides, the back of the display and the point on which the keypad spills. Aluminum is a metal with a very high heat exchange (it heats up and cools very quickly), it has the ability to cool the air inside MacBookand cooler(Ventrelator) is barely heard when it is switched on.

However, in Hot summer days when the temperatures at home or at the office exceed the normal limits, again MacBook runs applications that require the processor (CPU), the cooler starts to make its presence felt. wheezing / The noise emitted by the fan We idiot that it Is trying hard to bring the processor to the optimum running temperature.

Why does the MacBook overheat?

Reasons that can lead to overheating MacBook can be more.

1. Intensive activities: If you use applications that require a lot of resources CPU, such as video editing or gaming, MacThe Book may start to heat up and the fans may increase their speed to cool the internal components. Especially the processor or the chip.


2. Dust and dirt: Dust and dirt can accumulate inside MacBook, where they can block airflow, causing the fans to work harder to keep the temperature at safe levels.

3. Age and wear and tear: If MacYour Book is older, the fans may be mechanically worn and not work as well as at the beginning.

When MacDoes the book become noisy and start whistling?

The answer is very simple. Because the air drawn through the keyboard and taken to the case for cooling is already warm due to the temperature in the room / office, and the aluminum of the case does not help it to cool.

This happens especially in the summer, when the heat inside a MacBook is redirected to the rear aluminum cover, the one that comes into contact with the desk / table on which it is placed. If the temperature of the desk top is high anyway due to the heat in the room and the air drawn through the keyboard is also quite warm, then cooling will be very difficult. The aluminum behind MacBook Will keep the heat between him and the counter, Unable to help cool down. As a result, the cooler will increase its speed and the noise will be directly proportional, starting at a certain moment as a whistle. To avoid this, it is advisable to leave room for air circulation between the desk and laptop.

I successfully tested a "foot" stand for MacBook Pro / MacBook or MacBook Air, and the result did not take long to appear. Even if the processor was loaded with demanding applications, the cooling was very silent, and the cover on the back of the laptop remained at room temperature.

Just Mobile Lazy Couch, is a Stand dedicated for MacBook, iPad. You can keep the devices in one Ergonomic position Which makes typing easier and also helps a lot at cooling MacBook, implicitly also at Eliminating noise.

Lazy Couch - What to do if it overheats MacBook
Lazy Couch
Macbook stand
Macbook stand
Just Mobile Lazy Couch
Just Mobile Lazy Couch

Besides being very effective, these "legs" Lazy Couchas I call them, they also have a design that perfectly fits the one Apple. Made of quality aluminum and black rubber.

The relatively soft rubber is very adherent and attaches well to both the desk top and the back cover of the MacBook or iPad.

There is no risk that MacBook to slide off them, as happens in the case of stands of this kind, made of plastic or hard rubber. They are also a good solution if it overheats MacBook. They help the air circulation under the back cover.

What should you do if your MacBook overheats?
What should you do if your MacBook overheats?

Price Such a stand is quite big in us. Approximate 80 lei On eMAG, but on Amazon or other sites outside you find them at ~ 9 USD. Of course, it's a solution to order from outside the country if you have other products on your order.

Just Mobile Lazy Couch, have the design dedicated to the devices Apple, but they can be used with the same result for others modethem of laptops.

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