How to format an external hard drive or USB Stick on OS X

Compared with operating systems Windows, where formatting a hard disk drive is done with a single right-click on the partition external hard drive or USB stickacquis (flash drive) And click "Format"Operating systems OS X, we need to use an OS X utility.

application disk Utility help us manage everything that storage device on a Mac. Including hard drive Mac community.

How To Format External Hard Disk year / USB Stick on OS X

As seen in the video tutorial above, the formatting is done by following a few simple steps:

1. Connect external hard drive to your Mac via USB.

2. Open the Disk Utility application

3. Select the hard drive you want to format or repartition it. (WARNING great not to select another hard disk by mistake)

4. We go to the tab "Erase"> select the format you want to turn the volume HDD

5. Click> "Erase ...".

How to format an external hard drive or USB Stick on OS X

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